Crochet Sweetheart Bunting Decoration – Free Pattern

Welcome back to the fourth and final part of our crochet-a-long! If you’re just joining us, for the past week and a half, we’ve been doing a mini mystery crochet-a-long for Valentine’s Day which means I was posting patterns to make, but no one has known what the end result will be. We started with the lacy granny triangles, then made simple crochet hearts, and most recently made heart triangles. Now, we are going to put it all together!

Crochet Sweetheart Bunting - Make this adorable decoration for Valentine's Day with this free crochet pattern!

Attach the Remaining Hearts to the Triangles

First, we are gonna take those four remaining hearts and attach them to the bottom of every other lacy granny triangle. Of course, if you want a nice dangly heart at the bottom of every triangle, just make more hearts. See the pictures below for help.

Crochet Valentine's Bunting - how to attach the hearts to the triangles

I wanted mine to dangle a bit, so I made the space in between the two about one inch.

Crochet Valentine's Bunting - how to attach the hearts to the triangles

Crochet Valentine's Bunting - Free patterns and full photo tutorial to make this adorable decoration!

How to Put the Bunting Together

Step 1: Pick the color you’d like for the yarn chain that will hold it all together. I chose pink (smile). Chain 15

Crochet Valentine's Bunting - Chain 15

Step 2: Yarn over and insert your hook into the middle of the top of one of your triangles. You’re going to work three double crochets into the middle of the top of all of your triangles to connect them to the chain.Crochet Valentine's Day Bunting - step 2 photo tutorial


Step 3: Once the hook is inserted, pull up a loop. This part is very tricky because the yarn on your hook will want to unwind. Keep your index finger firmly over the yarn on your hook to keep it straight. Then, you should have 3 loops on your hook. If it unwinds, you will just have two loops. This might take a few tries!

Crochet Valentine's Day Bunting - step 3 photo tutorial


Step 4: Yarn over and pull through the first two loops on your hook, again, taking care to keep your index finger on the yarn on your hook to keep it from unwinding.

Crochet Valentine's Day Bunting - step 4 photo tutorial

Step 5: Yarn over again and pull through the remaining two loops. One double crochet done!

Crochet Valentine's Day Bunting - step 5 photo tutorial

Step 6: Work two more double crochets in the same space.Crochet Valentine's Day Bunting - step 6 photo tutorial

Step 7: Chain 15 again and start the process over with each triangle.

Crochet Valentine's Day Bunting - step 7 photo tutorial

Once you’re finished, share your finished project on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google Plus page and use the hashtag, #CALMyMerryMessyLife so we can all find each other!

Free Crochet Pattern for a Sweetheart Bunting - perfect decoration for Valentine's Day!

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  1. Just finished it!!! I need to take some pictures! Thank you, this was really fun!
    Sara Sach recently posted..CAL – Puppy Lovie — Part 2My Profile

  2. Thanks for the clear instructions and great pictures!

  3. Hi Sara, I am gonna ask my wife to try this! Will definitely post the pictures on twitter once she finishes with it.
    Sathishkumar recently posted..Happy Valentines Day Whatsapp MessagesMy Profile

  4. finished mine, will share it in a post in a few days
    Linda aka Crafty Gardener recently posted..CannaMy Profile

  5. Noemia Coelho says:

    It’s very colorful and will make a great decoration! 😉

  6. Hi sara, this is a great way to use all the left over yarn.. 🙂 I have a question. my lasy granny triangles started curling up in the ends. can u plz suggest a way to get ride of it… this has happen with a couple of my other stuff too.. thanks

  7. Hello Sara, Thanks for sharing the unique and beautiful gift. It is very good to share with our loved ones. Thanks again.
    Rohit Kumar recently posted..List of All Time Daytona 500 Winners last 10 yearsMy Profile

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