Detoxify Your Home – Week 2 Challenge of Detoxify Your Life

Welcome to week 2 of the 31 Days to Detoxify Your Life Challenge! Last week’s challenge was to detoxify your food, which I think we can all agree, is by far the hardest thing to change, but it is also where you will see the most improvement in your overall health. The next step is a lot easier, and I’ve found, can be really fun – detox your HOME!

How To Detox Your Home and Why - Part of a Challenge to Detox Your Life

This is how I got started in natural living to begin with. I started by making my own dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent and ditched my shampoo by going poo-free (still the most popular post EVER on my blog). The great thing about going non-toxic in the home is it is not only cheaper to make your own cleaning supplies, but it’s easy and works just as well if not better than commercially bought products!

This week we are focusing on removing the toxins from our homes.

Here are some shocking facts

The average American Uses about 25 gallons of toxic, hazardous chemical products per year in their home…A major portion of these can be found in household cleaning products. —”Prosperity Without Pollution,” by Joel S. Hirschorn and Kirsten V. Oldenburg, 1991

The toxic chemicals in household cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than air pollution. – Environmental Protection Agency report in 1985

Of chemicals commonly found in homes, 150 have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological abnormalities. —Consumer Product Safety Commission

In the past 50 years more than 75,000 chemicals have been introduced into the environment. Today 300 synthetic chemicals are found in the bodies of humans. Even newborn babies have synthetic chemicals passed on from their mothers. —REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals, a European Union program)

Homemade Laundry Detergent with Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap

An easy and cheap way to detox your home is to start making your own laundry detergent! Click on the picture for my recipe.

The EWG Database is Your Friend

The chemicals most people are using to clean their homes are insanely toxic and have a whole host of detrimental health effects associated with them ranging anywhere from skin sensitivity, endocrine disruption (like hormone issues), to cancer and even death. These are cleaners Americans use in their homes every single day! You can look up the cleaners you are using in the EWG database and see what grades they get. I use this database often and have referred to them in many a post here on the blog.

It’s Not All Bad News When You Know How to Fix It

Thankfully, there are many safe and effective natural cleaners that people can use without all of the nasty health effects.

In Week 2 we discuss the ill-health effects of commercial cleaning products, and then we give you better, healthier, non-toxic options to use instead. Most of these recipes have less than five ingredients, all which are natural and non-toxic. You can customize them to meet your needs and even add the fragrances you enjoy by using essential oils. These cleaners are sure to turn any skeptic into a believer.

Homemade Dishwashing Detergent Green, Natural and Non-Toxic

It’s so easy to make your own dishwashing detergent, you might wonder why you ever bought it before!

We include over 20 cleaning recipes, from carpets to hard wood floors, antibiotic counter cleaner, powdered and liquid laundry soap and so much more! You will be glad to have this invaluable resource on your computer or e-reader as a quick and easy guide to natural non-toxic house cleaning.

Are you ready for this week? Come join us and make the commitment to detoxify your life safely, naturally, and without harmful side effects. Make a real change in your life and take this step to better health and wellness.

Are you ready to change your health for the better? Take the 31 Days to Detoxify Your Life challenge today!

In the meantime, you can win these prizes!

Giveaway to Win a Set of Essential Oils

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About Sara McFall

Sara is the owner and founder of My Merry Messy Life, which started in 2011 as a way to chronicle her journey to a natural, chemical-free lifestyle and to share her passions of mothering, real food, homeschooling and crochet. She is a mama to three precious and energetic little boys and wife to a university professor who loves to sing, dance ballet and ballroom, and live simply and naturally.


  1. my favorite thing about using essential oils is being able to treat my family without worrying about side effects. from bug bites to ear infections to congestion… there’s always an oil for what ails us! 🙂

  2. Judith Martinez says:

    I like to use them to make cleaning solutions.

  3. The smells! 🙂 and also all the great uses!

  4. Judith Stewart says:

    I’ve never used them, but am anxious to try essential oils!

  5. I haven’t yet used essential oils but want to start. I have read that lemon oil is great for cleaning. Thanks!

  6. Being in control of ingredients in body care, cleaning and health care products I make myself.
    Lea recently posted..GoalsMy Profile

  7. I’m new to essential oils, so right now I’m using lavender in my humidifier and I absolutely love it. I also love using the frankincense in coconut oil for a moisturizer. There are so many I would love to try!

  8. Georgia Beckman says:

    I started reading & becoming interested in essential oils about a year ago. I finally purchased some about 6 months ago & I am ecstatic about the results. First of all, I had asked several people who knew about oils, what are the necessities to have on hand? If I’m only buying a few at a time, what do I definitely want on the top of that list. I never really got an answer, but after buying an essential oils starter kit, I’m here to tell you, NO ONE should be without PEPPERMINT! It has been such a God send. When I have diarrhea or nausea, I put two drops in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together & rub it all over my lower abdomen; it IMMEDIATELY stops the diarrhea & nausea in it’s tracks. Today I made 6 bottles of a headache relief blend that I found on the web & although I don’t want to wish a headache on anyone, I’m anxious to see how it works. I am now cleaning my hardwood floors with nothing but water, vinegar & a few drops of essential oils for a pleasant smell. Just before Christmas I developed what I am sure was “tennis elbow”. I have never had this before but after doing some research on my symptoms, I’m pretty sure that’s what it was. There was no warning, it just hit. Instantly I had no range of motion, no grip strength & I was in excruciating pain. I mixed 7 drops of peppermint oil with a teaspoon of coconut oil & rubbed it into the elbow & forearm. I could feel a slight difference within 30 minutes. I continued to apply it twice a day until that little mixture I made ran out. It last for about a week & I was applying it very generously. The tennis elbow disappeared & has not come back.

  9. Barbara Manter says:

    Can’t imagine being without wonderful essential oils!

  10. Sarah Hayes says:

    im just beginning to learn about all the ways to use EOs. Im very excited to get started with them. I like using them in my daughters cloth wipe solution

  11. I use them for my health care products… I make my own beauty oil that I use every night, I use tea tree oil for an antiseptic, and peppermint to help with headaches. I have started to replace store-bought chemicals with them.

  12. Rosalie Myhan says:

    I think this is wonderful!

  13. Karen Wood says:

    So far I only have them for smelling good although they also have other good effects. I would love to have some for cleaning products. It’s hard for me to afford them though.

  14. As some have already said, I love the medicinal uses of the essential oils without the harmful side effects. This was the first website that I found when I began my eo journey almost a year ago! Haven’t had to look anywhere else for homemade liquid laundry detergent and also began ordering Tropical Traditions products because of this website which I use in several recipes that call for coconut oil & essential oils!

  15. Lahonna H. says:

    I like making my own Foaming Hand Soap, and I’m just learning how to make homemade bar soap. I have used lemon, lavendar and Eucalyptus essential oils many times as fragrance.

  16. Just a few drops of lavender oil in a cup of water and then spray it for room deodorizer. not only is it safe, it doesn’t give me a headache like all other room sprays, It smells divine.

  17. Jennifer T says:

    I love to use essential oils to treat illnesses in our family as well as in homemade cleaning products.

  18. Andrea (Battle Creek) says:

    I use essential oils for my house to make it less toxic for my dogs. I use it for cleaning products & natural sprays to protect my dogs from fleas & mosquitos. My female dog has allergies so this was a necessary step to help her.

  19. Essential oils have such wonderful smells that don’t aggravate my allergies.

  20. I love to use them for my various health conditions. For example. the lavender I love to put on the bottoms of my feet. It is most easily absorbed through the bottom of your feet and into your bloodstream and I put it right on there before I go to sleep to help me sleep through the night. Because I have insomnia and chronic back pain, I am lucky I get 3-4 hours a night. The lavender helps me sleep through the night getting me 7-8 at least. I cannot describe the feeling of the oil being absorbed through the bottom of me feet. It is a pleasant one though, mind you. Great giveaway! Thanks!
    Heather-Joan Carls recently posted..So Many Things!My Profile

  21. I would love to win essential oils!!!

  22. I used to drop a cotton ball soaked in an essential oil into my vacuum cleaner bag. Made everything smell great. Don’t use a vacuum now because we don’t have carpet(allergies). I would love to try making my own cleaner using the oils because I can’t use the store bought stuff without problems.

  23. I love to use E /O ‘s in so much of the stuff I make. I make soaps, lotions, and much more. It would be a great win for me. Thanks ,

    Emma Dorsey recently posted..Babies, Peepers, and Bloomers, It’s Finally Spring!My Profile

  24. I am starting to do EVERYTHING with essential oils….cleaning products, diffusing, personal care products & even using for certain health conditions. (NOTE: Do NOT ingest any essential oils unless they specifically specify they are safe for ingestion….all of them are NOT). Thanks for the chance to win some!! 🙂

  25. I use them to scent my natural products, especially lavender which smells lovely while being therapeutic.

  26. kjirsten cantrell says:

    I love them for everything. I’m slowly replacing everything with oils and natural cleaning products. Have the oils infused in the air is amazing. Lavender on my kids before bed. <3

  27. I LOVE to make a bug killer!!! LOL Nothing like being fabulously non-toxic and live an almost bug free life…indoors that is 🙂

  28. I love essential oils and use a few already. I really want to use more .

  29. Michelle Brannan says:

    I love to blend them for different ailments…thanks for the opportunity!

  30. I LOVE to use essential oils to replace perfume now! I just recently started this and I see a huge difference with my allergies…I don’t have them! ;). I feel fresher and more earth friendly. I use them to relieve pain or to take stress away, especially in the bath.

  31. Patti Florio says:

    I have never used essential oils personally,but I have smelled them at a friends home. Yummy!

  32. I love them for cleaning and the added benefit of smell!

  33. I love using them when the kids are sick….eucalyptus, peppermint, etc to help clear their heads and chests….oh and making poo-pourri! 😉

  34. Sarah Green says:

    I just prefer to do things as naturally as I can

  35. Dori Rominger says:

    I prefer using natural products due to allergies to a lot of the chemicals and fragrances in everyday household products!

  36. I am new to essential oils, but I want to learn how to use them.
    BJMarley recently posted..Irony, the Opposite of WrinklyMy Profile

  37. Nothing yet, haven’t had the opportunity!

  38. Elaine Sumner says:

    I use them for pain relief and sinus problems.

  39. sheila foery says:

    need some I`m all out !!

  40. So glad you’ve had this subject on your blog. I’m often made fun of because of my mixes & that I’m so concerned about our health. Often being told “we are all going to die some time”. I say why not live a long healthy life while we can!!

  41. Cleaning! Headaches! Health!

  42. There is a lot of useful information here. Thank you for compiling it for us!

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