Oil Pulling Challenge – Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the oil pulling challenge!

Oil Pulling Challenge to Detoxify Your Body - Day 1

In case you missed it, yesterday I introduced our new challenge and explained why you’d want to try oil pulling in the first place. There were many great comments left, and here is one from Georgia, that can be our encouragement and kick-start the challenge!

I got a head start. ;) I had been considering it for a couple of months too & finally started on Sunday, 3/2. First I’ll tell you why I hesitated as I’m sure many others have the same reasons.

1) I thought it was going to feel like cold grease feels in your mouth. You know, when you take a bite of a cold leftover & the grease gets in your mouth? It just kind of coats your mouth & tongue with a thick, nasty feeling.

2) I have a trigger happy gag reflex. I can’t even brush my teeth without gagging. 3) What if I throw up? (I will do ANYTHING to not throw up) 4) The thought of swishing OIL around in my mouth was not pleasing. REALLY? OIL? Now I’ll tell you why I LOVE it. I actually look forward to it each day! 1) It’s refreshing. Not only does it not taste bad, it tastes good! 2) There is no bad after taste. It is a pleasant, refreshed taste.

3) Today is my 6th day of oil pulling & I can already tell a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I’ve got a ways to go because I am a smoker & I drink coffee & tea, but after only SIX days, I can see a difference. I finally took a close up of my teeth today. The main reason I wanted to do oil pulling is because I have 2 cavities in the front. Not the two in the very front, but the two next to those. I have heard several testimonies of oil pulling not only stopping tooth decay but reversing it AND RESTORING the tooth to a healthy state. Can’t wait to continue on this journey with you all & see/hear your results.

Peppermint Oil

Reader Susan wrote in the last post that she adds peppermint oil to her coconut oil and loves it (click here to buy high quality essential oils). I thought that was a fantastic idea! Just be very careful as you only need 1 or 2 drops. Essential oils are very powerful and should be used internally very sparingly as they can cause sensitivities. Certified aromatherapists say you shouldn’t use essential oils internally at all without the supervision of a certified aromatherapist, so use at your own discretion.

If you’re also trying to lighten your teeth, I suggest taking a picture today, then take another one in a week and see if there is a difference!

My Day 1 Experience

I had a pretty good experience with the oil pulling today. It’s a great time for me to try it as I am coming down with a cold and have a stuffed up nose. Apple cider vinegar is my go-to for colds, and I did do it last night, so it’ll be a little hard to tell if the ACV is working or if it’s the oil pulling. But, I did try it with a drop of the peppermint essential oil and it was wonderful! My mouth feels SO fresh and clean. I feel like it removes the food and plaque off my teeth and my teeth are so smooth.

I was able to do it for 20 minutes, but I did have 3 tiny little swallows. That’s the hardest part for me – I have no trouble with gagging but have to fight SO hard not to swallow! I’m hoping that by the end of this challenge it’ll be much easier.

I rinse my mouth out afterwards with water and brushed with Earthpaste toothpaste.

Follow along and join the challenge!

So, are you ready? Leave a comment below on why you’re doing this challenge. What results do you hope to get out oil pulling? And how was your experience today (or if you started yesterday, then that, too)?

How to Purchase High Quality Essential Oils through My Merry Messy Life

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  1. I started the oil pulling today. I was able to do it for 18 min. The coconut oil tasted ok. Thank you for posting this challenge!

  2. Staci Powell says:

    Today was my 3rd day. I set a timer and did it for 20 minutes this morning as I was feeding the cats and making coffee. I have heard about oil pulling for a long time, and finally decided to try it. I have eczema, and would love to see that clear up. I have also been putting the coconut oil on my skin. My teeth do look a little whiter. I go back to the dentist in May and am curious to see how my mouth will look. 🙂 #OilPullingChallenge

  3. I have tried oil pulling before but couldn’t seem to remember to do it everyday. So I am glad for this challenge to keep me on track. I’m going to try adding a drop of peppermint today.

  4. I looked back at yesterday’s comments. Thanks for answering mine but you missed one that I was very interested in the answer to. She asked “Sounds interesting! Just curious about the fluoride toothpaste re-introducing toxins. Do you have a link on where I can read about that?” I did not find any non-fluoride toothpaste where I shop.

  5. I have asthma, and running track is hard for me because of it. I’m hoping to see some improvement in that area 🙂
    Would olive oil work, too?
    Kaitlyn recently posted..What Would Jesus Do?My Profile

    • Aha! I checked the introduction post again, and it seems that olive oil will work okay.
      Kaitlyn recently posted..What Would Jesus Do?My Profile

    • Olive oil does not seem to work as well. It doesn’t have the properties of coconut oil — anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. I tried this with olive oil a year ago and it didn’t really result in anything.

      I had trouble with a recurring abscess 6 months ago. Nothing would touch it — not antibiotics, not the dentist, nothing. Oil pulling with coconut oil completely solved it in 1 day.

      • Wow! I’ll share your story in tomorrow’s post, Susan. Thanks for sharing. Good to know as many have asked if it’s important to use coconut oil. I’m a huge fan of it so I feel biased, but good to have some real experience to back it up.

  6. I jumped in today – went to Wal-Mart and bought my un-refined organic coconut oil. It actually tastes pretty good. I did not however make it too long. I have a horrible gag reflex. The first go round I made it about 5 minutes. I tried it again a little later and only made it about 2 1/2 minutes. Ugh!!! I am not going to give up. I am hoping that if I keep going that it will get easier.

    My goal is first to see how my teeth look at the end. I am also hoping to just watch and see if I notice any other positive changes. I have read that it helps with energy level – that would be WONDERFU! But I’m not sure if I can truly monitor that as the sun is starting to come out. Will I be able to differentiate from having more sun or the oil-pulling? We’ll just have to see.
    Sara Kovach recently posted..Oil Pulling Challenge: Non-craft related!!My Profile

  7. I will try this challenge. Took pictures of my teeth. Completed the first one. Not too bad, did it for 20 minutes. Thanks for the challenge.

  8. I started this today too. I figured I might as well give it a try while I was mopping the floors 🙂
    I thought that I might have problems not swallowing for 20 minutes but that was no issue. I did have a hard time making it to the full 20 though…it was almost as if the oil multiplied in volume in my mouth!
    I didn’t mind the coconut oil on it’s own, and my teeth felt very clean afterwards, but I might give it a try with the peppermint oil tomorrow and see how that is.

  9. I am very interested in trying this. I am wondering if it will only work with organic, unrefined coconut oil or if it will have the same results from regular coconut oil.

    • Hi Laurie! Yeah, I’m not sure. I do think you’ll still have good results, but the idea is to remove toxins from the body. If you have regular coconut oil, you might be introducing toxins from pesticides. Although, coconut is a safer fruit to buy non-organic because it has such a thick shell. Why not try the regular one (if you already have it) for a while and see?

  10. Fuego Azul says:

    Yesterday, my husband was reading an article about oil pulling & the amazing benefits. Just after he shared it with me, I checked out your blog & found your post! After work & before bed, I got to it! I did it for only 15 mins as I plan to do it twice a day. I’m about to do it again today before brushing (we’re night owls & work in the evening, so 3pm is morning for us, lol). I avoid swallowing as best as possible by tilting my head forward, chin down, & gently relieving the urge. I don’t think I swallowed anything. We don’t have any fluoride free toothpaste, so I simply used baking soda. Speaking of which, is it safe to use gently everyday? I got about a 50/50 while trying to research it.
    This is so much fun! Thank you for the idea! 🙂

    • Hi again Fuego! You’ve been popping up all over the site lately! 🙂 Great to “see” you again! That is so cool that we were thinking of oil pulling at the same time. Awesomness. Great idea to help with the swallowing. I’ll try that tomorrow and write about it! I have read that baking soda is not safe to use everyday. I’ve used several different natural toothpastes – the Earthpaste one has red clay in it and another one from Tropical Traditions has coconut oil as the main ingredient. Love both of those so far.

  11. wildcherry65 says:

    I tried oil pulling a few years ago using sunflower oil. It was gross. It did seem to multiply in my mouth, along with the “squishy” feeling oil has…I do not think I ever made 20 minutes. LOL I gave up because it said do it in the morning only, before anything else. Well, I had to get up at 6am and get my LUMP of a teenager up so he didn’t miss the bus. I TRIED doing it right after he left. But something would always nab my short “alone” time before the other kid had to be up. LOL I hated it so any excuse NOT to do it was ok with me. LOL

    I will try it again with the coconut oil. It’s a shame I can’t add the peppermint oil…it sounds great. I have a sensitivity to peppermint. But the coconut HAS to be better than the sunflower oil!!! I just happen to have a TON of coconut oil that I purchased thinking I was going to use it in my cooking because I am sensitive to soooo many things (only to find that I don’t don’t like the overpowering flavor of coconut in my baking. LOL) But I am sure it will be ok for oil pulling. I am going to break out the coconut oil out of the back of the cabinet and do it tomorrow morning.

  12. Jennifer says:

    Ok Sarah, here is something I found just in reading. This was not the site originally seen, but it’s something.

    Warning: I have seen mention of people’s fillings/crowns coming out with oil pulling. A “hypothesis” is that the bacteria built up around the filling/crown once removed makes it come loose, but that’s just a somewhat educated guess.

    Here is the website it takes you to when you click the link:


  13. I am so excited you are writing about oil pulling because it must be pretty popular right now and I also am trying it! I have severe sinus issues and am finding that it makes my allergies a little more “manageable”. I also have some hormonal imbalances and using the coconut oil for the oil pulling I think is helping my hormones to feel more balanced – I noticed reduced PMS symptoms (anger, restlessness, sadness).

  14. The coconut oil tasted good, and it melted quickly. It felt a lot like hard dark chocolate melting. I set the timer for 20 minutes and swished while preparing my coffee and our breakfasts. At first my swishing was very fast, but my muscles tired out. As for swallowing, all I had to do was remember how to “swallow” in the back of my throat like I do when the dentist is working on my teeth. No problem. I am happy with it.

  15. what is oil pulling and how do you do it.

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