Merry Messy Mondays – Fall Thankfulness

It’s about time for another edition of “Merry Messy Mondays,” dontcha think? Last time I shared with you, I wrote about our move from the northeast to the southeast USA and all the challenges and joys we encountered along the way. Now we’re quite settled back in my hometown, and back living with da rents […]

Merry Messy Mondays – Moving Story

It’s been seven weeks since we left the first home we ever owned in Pennsylvania and moved back down south, and I’m just now ready to write about it. It has taken that long to really settle in and find our groove again, and its been harder for me than I ever thought it would […]

Merry Messy Mondays #2

I’m starting off the week with another episode of Merry Messy Monday! This helps keep me thankful and positive since Mondays can be long and rough as a SAHM, and record memories of my family for the future. Hopefully it will also bring a smile to your face. This week was a messy one, with […]

Merry Messy Mondays (on Tuesday)

Merry Messy Mondays (I know, it’s Tuesday, but yesterday was Memorial Day so today is honorary Monday) – welcome to my new weekly series that’s all about taking some time to pause, slow down, put up my feet, snuggle with my kids, and think about the merry, messy and silly things that happened the week […]

Merry Messy Mondays – Springtime Merriment {part 2}

Here are some shots of my little rascals playing outside in our backyard. Gabe’s new favorite thing to is pick the blue bell flowers from the hill in our woods and bring them to me. For some unknown toddler reason, he calls them french onions! It’s so nice to have hand-delivered flowers just for me. […]

Merry Messy Mondays – Springtime Merriment

Spring is springalinging around here, and my kids and flowers are loving it. We had a very warm February and played outside a lot, then the cold came back in March! Such a strange season. I wanted to document my springtime flowers and share it with you. One of my most favorite things to flower […]