Homeschooling Made Simple – Valerie from “Collecting the Moments” Shares

Today I’m excited to welcome Valerie from Collecting the Moments… one by one, who’s quite the experienced homeschooling mom. She has a lovely blog where she writes about homeschooling, cooking, crafting and farming with her family. This post is part of a series called Homeschooling Made Simple where I’ve invited homeschooling bloggers to share their […]

Homeschooling Made Simple – Cynthia from “Feeding Big” Shares

Welcome back to week #6 of my Homeschooling Made Simple series! Today, I’m happy to welcome Cynthia of “Feeding Big” to the blog. Her daughter, who now has a 3.92 college GPA, was successfully homeschooled from third grade through twelfth grade and Cynthia cherished every moment of it. I asked Cynthia some questions to help us homeschooling newbies, […]

Homeschooling Made Simple – Susie from “Earning My Cape” Shares

Welcome back to week five of my Homeschooling Made Simple series! This has been such an incredible learning time for me as our family is exploring homeschooling. I have had the pleasure of hosting some amazing homeschool moms – some who are just starting out, some who teach their children with special needs, and experts like the […]

Homeschooling Made Simple – Lauren from “Tutus and Tea Parties” Shares

It’s week four of the Homeschooling Made Simple Series! I have had the pleasure of hosting some incredible homeschooling bloggers who’ve offered a wealth of information that can be applied to newbies and experienced homeschoolers alike. If you missed the other three weeks, catch up here. Today, we get to hear a new twist on […]

Homeschooling Made Simple – Jan from “The Nerdy Farm Wife” Shares

Today I’m thrilled to introduce Jan from The Nerdy Farm Wife to all of you as part of my Homeschooling Made Simple series! She is the third blogger who has shared with us how her family homeschools – last week Joell from Red Van Ramblings stopped by, and the week before it was Thaleia from […]

Homeschooling Made Simple – Joell from “Red Van Ramblings” Shares

Welcome back for week two of my Homeschooling Made Simple series, featuring Joell of Red Van Ramblings! She shares her inspiring homeschooling journey, which is a unique one with a son who has Asperger’s Syndrome, who spent most of his life in public school before they decided to homeschool. I am honored to have her on the […]

Homeschooling Made Simple – Thaleia from Something 2 Offer Shares

Today I am thrilled to have the lovely Thaleia from Something 2 Offer answer my questions about homeschooling. This will begin a series I’ve entitled, Homeschooling Made Simple, where I will interview several bloggers who homeschool and get each of their perspectives, ideas, and suggestions and offer it for those of us who are new […]