How To Get Kids to Eat Real Food Without the Battles

I think we can all agree that we want our children eating the healthiest food possible, but unfortunately, information on how to practically do it, day-to-day, meal-to-meal is not widespread. Here are my tips and tricks that have worked for my family. My kids eat about 98% real food, and you and your family can, […]

Reader Parenting Tips for New Moms and Dads

I’ve always said being a first-time parent is like sleep walking – you have no idea where you’re going, what’s coming next or can even see straight as you bump and trip over things. It ain’t easy! You can read all the books in the world and so-called expert advice, but sometimes it means squat […]

Potty Training Success Story – Use A Chart {free printable}

Crinkle your nose and smile!  I suppose we all end up having a potty training success story, don’t we? (Gosh, I hope so! Until you get pregnant, or get old, but that’s another story, ha!) But in the middle of training a tiny tot how to use the pot, it can really feel like an […]

Catering to Children is a Huge Missed-Business Opportunity

I feel like we live in a world that discriminates against children. I think that every time I leave the house these days and tonight, on a date with my husband, it really got to me in a way that surprised me. We were eating dinner at Outback sitting next to a table with a […]

For the Kids: A Video Watching Chart

Download my FREE video chart – one for a boy and a girl – to create some peace in your household when it comes to TV and computer usage. TV and YouTube video watching can become a battlefield in our household, as we struggle to help Gabriel understand that we only allow him to watch […]

Our Free Favorite Rainy Day Activities (for Kids)

Ugh…it’s rainy and cold outside. Winters can be long and cold here in Pennsylvania, and I have had to get more creative with fun activities for my toddler, Gabriel, since he isn’t interested in crafts at all and needs physical and tactile activities. Maybe he will like them more as he gets older (he’s just 2 1/2 […]

We’re doing the 3 Day Potting method!

We are knee deep in the last day of our three day potty training method with our 30 month old and this morning Gabe woke up completely DRY! I am still in total shock. I have not followed all the rules of this method, but it must be working so far despite my small failures. […]