The Dromma Bed – Natural, Eco-Friendly, Memory Foam Mattress

Finding a good quality, natural and affordable mattress is very hard these days. Most mattresses on the market contain very toxic chemicals like flame retardants that off-gass and can really affect our health. It’s important to have a mattress that is both safe and comfortable, since we spend 8 hours a night every single night […]

Watch Me Lose My Mummy Tummy Update – Week 3

I’ve been on a journey to close my diastasis recti to lose my mummy tummy with the Tupler Technique! But it is so much more than that – it is helping to heal my chronic back pain and prevent the possibility of developing a hernia later on. It also helps with good posture, proper digestion […]

Babywearing and Nursing Made Simple – The Lalabu Soothe Shirt & Giveaway!

Babywearing is such a smart and easier way to survive those first few months of your baby’s life, that “fourth” trimester as it’s so aptly named. But finding the right way to nurse and carry your baby around without having to deal with buckles, straps, and complications can be hard. That’s why I’m so excited […]

Amber Nursing Necklace Review

This lovely baltic amber nursing necklace is great to wear while you’re nursing, so your wiggly baby has something to play with. And when you’re not nursing, it’s anti-inflammatory properties will help mama, too! I’ve always had baltic amber teething necklaces for my babes. They have the toughest time with teething and I’ve found it […]

Family Game Night with Blocks

Looking for a fun and educational game you can play with your kids, no matter what their age? Then you’ve gotta try these new block games from Larsen Toy Lab! Growing up, my parents did special things to help create traditions. We had a routine for Christmas morning that we did every year and to […]

Green Kid Crafts – Backyard Science Discovery Kit Review

If you’re looking for something fun and educational for your kids that doesn’t include a screen, Green Kid Crafts is for you! This is such a neat concept because they aim to bring kids a monthly craft that is earth-friendly, educational and fun to build confidence, creativity and appreciation for the environment. We were able […]

City Maid Green – Natural Cleaning Products Review

Finding a company that has truly all-natural cleaning supplies is not easy. I love when I come across a company like City Maid Green that has a commitment to making and using safe, green products that is also made in the USA! When I saw on Facebook that an old high school friend of mine […]

Happy Tot Greek Yogurt Giveaway

Have you been properly introduced to Happy Family┬ábrands yet? Well, allow me the pleasure! They are an organic superfoods company that specialize in convenient tasty, healthy treats that kids love! I’m such a big fan of their concept and products that I’m a blog ambassador for the company. One of my favorite products is their […]

Green & Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning from All-Star ChemDry

When we bought our house a few months ago, I knew I wanted the carpets cleaned before we moved in. I could only imagine what kind of dirt and other yummy things could be ground up in those fibers as the previous owners had pets and were a large family. Now that I’ve become educated […]

Larsen Toy Lab Blocks – Sustainable & Non-Toxic!

It’s hard to find toys that are truly non-toxic and made from sustainable materials like wood, so I love when I come across a toy company with a conscience. Larsen Toy Lab is one of those companies! They sent me these blocks to review and to offer you a giveaway for your own engraved set! […]