Vegetarian & Vegan Three Bean Soup {recipe}

A recipe for a quick, delicious and very healthy soup using three different kinds of beans – pinto, northern and black. It’s the middle of May and it’s cold and raining outside. No fun! Perfect day to make soup with my sous-chef, Gabriel.┬áThis is the easiest, yummiest healthiest soup there is, and it has become […]

Macaroni & Cheese – Family Friendly & Real {recipe}

Here is a recipe for a kid-friendly, delicious and nutritious macaroni and cheese recipe. It contains all real ingredients – no Velveeta or processed anything! It can be made even more nutritious by sneaking in some shaved carrots, cauliflower or squash. It is easy to make it in just 30 minutes or less, and is […]

Grilled Turkey Ranch Burgers Recipe

A simple recipe for savory, flavorful, low-fat turkey burgers that’ll impress your cookout guests! You’ll never be satisfied with plain ole burgers again! We’re having unusually fantastic March weather in the northeast this year, which brings with it the desire to grill out, at least in our house. Kevin was home from work on spring […]

Easy Crock Pot Bavarian Roast & Egg Noodles

A delicious and hearty Crock Pot meal with roast and the sweet flavor of apples, with the tangy bite of vinegar and cinnamon, all over egg noodles and veggies. There’s nothing like cookin in the Crock Pot as your whole house fills with a mouthwatering aroma for hours on end. I really love using mine, […]

Potato Artichoke Cream Cheese Soup {recipe}

Serve with a side of homemade bread! I was looking the other day for a delicious soup recipe online and came across this one because it sounded delicious. My husband loves soups, but I hardly ever make them because I’m not much of a soup person. But this soup? It’ll make anyone a soup person […]

Easy Crock Pot BBQ Chicken & Tomatoes, Rice and Veggies {recipe}

I really need to go to the store – no more fruit, crackers, and only a couple of eggs! This is likely to cause an uprising in my household. But I really don’t feel like throwing the kids in the car and braving the grocery store with a toddler and a baby right now. So, […]