I am crazy about Amazon – what’s not to love about shopping in my pajamas with unkempt hair and a cup of coffee? Instead of driving around and shopping for two hours (while hauling my three boys around when they’d rather be outside!), I can just find all I need on Amazon. Plus, they stock all my hard-to-find, unique items for natural beauty products and real food items! Here are the products I actually use and can personally recommend. Make sure to click on the category links to the right of the store to browse.


Tropical Traditions for Coconut Oil, Grass-Fed and Pastured Meat, Quality Organic Food

Amazon is not the only place I source quality, natural products and food. I also buy a lot from Tropical Traditions. They are a company I can really support because they are passionate about growing food and making products that are 100% safe and natural. Not a single chemical, hormone or pesticide in sight!

I buy:

All that and more can be found at

This is an easy way to support My Merry Messy Life as this is through the affiliate program through Amazon РI do the work by sourcing quality products for you, then when you buy a product I recommend, I get a small commission. There is no additional fee or charge for you.

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  1. Hello. I love your MerryMessyLife. Your title is perfect. With three little boys I realize you must do alot of your work in the late evening? I have been following all your sites. Thanks for all your help and sharing. I do not have a website, but I am on pintrest, facebook, and g+ .

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