Cluster V-Stitch Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern on One Skein

This crochet cluster-v stitch scarf is quick and easy to whip up, and still has such nice texture and a lacy look. It can be done with just one skein of yarn or more for a longer scarf. I wear this scarf a lot because the color just really cheers me up! It’s Lion Brand […]

Sugar Love Baby Blanket – Free Crochet Pattern

A free crochet pattern for a girly and sweet baby blanket that’s textured and fun! As you may know already, I have three kids and they are ALL boys. I love my boys to pieces and wouldn’t trade them for a million girls, BUT I sure do long to buy those girly clothes and crochet […]

Crochet Cluster V-Stitch Baby Blanket {free crochet pattern}

Here is a free crochet pattern for a beautiful baby blanket that even a beginner can do using the cluster v-stitch. I know a beginner can do it because it was the first thing I ever crocheted! And despite my total lack of experience and knowledge, it came out beautifully! I made this when I […]

Crochet Cluster-V Stitch Tutorial {free crochet tutorial}

A crochet photo tutorial to learn how to work the cluster v-stitch. I used this stitch to make a baby blanket for our second child and it was the first crochet project I ever created, so even a beginner can learn this lacy, yet strong stitch! In order to make this baby blanket that I […]

Crochet Cluster V-Stitch Headband – Free crochet pattern for all sizes

A free crochet pattern for a cluster v-stitch headband, rosette and leaf. This is my new favorite headband, and this time, it’s for ME! Just in time for Mother’s Day. I wore it today as I taught yoga and it kept the hairs out of my face. It’s very similar to the V-Stitch Headband I […]