Easy Crochet Pumpkins {free pattern}

This little pumpkin is so easy and fast to make, you’ll have time leftover to make some to decorate your whole house! Enjoy the free crochet pattern below. Project “decorate the mantel” continues with these cute little pumpkins! I designed this pattern to be super easy to make and to work up quickly, and it […]

How to Join A Round with Invisible Seams {free crochet tutorial}

Look carefully at the picture above. Can you see where each round starts and begins? If you can, then you’ve really honed your crochet eye and should be proud! It’s barely noticeable, and I’ve finally found the best and easiest technique for joining rounds. If you’ve never worked in the round before, see my other […]

How to Work in the Round {Crochet Tutorial}

Working in the round in crochet is a very important skill to learn as it will take your skills to the next level! You need to know how to work in the round to make hats, appliques, Granny Squares and more. Here is my photo tutorial for you to learn! This is using a double […]