Our Gender Reveal Party and Baby Announcement!

Are you dying to know yet? I know I was this morning – we had our sonogram (see the 3-d pics here!) two days ago so I was ready to find out today. We had an awful night last night with the boys – let’s just say, their room STUNK. I will not be feeding […]

Merry Messy Mondays – Moving Story

It’s been seven weeks since we left the first home we ever owned in Pennsylvania and moved back down south, and I’m just now ready to write about it. It has taken that long to really settle in and find our groove again, and its been harder for me than I ever thought it would […]

Catering to Children is a Huge Missed-Business Opportunity

I feel like we live in a world that discriminates against children. I think that every time I leave the house these days and tonight, on a date with my husband, it really got to me in a way that surprised me. We were eating dinner at Outback sitting next to a table with a […]

Merry Messy Mondays #2

I’m starting off the week with another episode of Merry Messy Monday! This helps keep me thankful and positive since Mondays can be long and rough as a SAHM, and record memories of my family for the future. Hopefully it will also bring a smile to your face. This week was a messy one, with […]

Merry Messy Mondays (on Tuesday)

Merry Messy Mondays (I know, it’s Tuesday, but yesterday was Memorial Day so today is honorary Monday) – welcome to my new weekly series that’s all about taking some time to pause, slow down, put up my feet, snuggle with my kids, and think about the merry, messy and silly things that happened the week […]

A Mom Dishes About Her Mixed Family of Vegetarians & Meat Eaters {part 3}

Part 1 – Eating Less Meat is Actually Very Green Part 2 – A Mom Dishes About Being a Vegetarian The very active and healthy McFalls, who eat vegetarian dinners every night! Brendan plays basketball at Saint Mary’s College, Trevor plays soccer, basketball and other sports, and Katie plays soccer, runs track and other sports […]

A Mom Dishes About Being a Vegetarian

Part 1 – Eating Less Meat is Actually Very GreenPart 3 – A Mom Dishes About Her Mixed Family of Vegetarians and Meat Eaters As a continuation of my special series on how eating little to no meat is green, I’m excited to have Nichola Gutfold – a friend of our’s and colleague of my husband’s who’s also an […]

Our Free Favorite Rainy Day Activities (for Kids)

Ugh…it’s rainy and cold outside. Winters can be long and cold here in Pennsylvania, and I have had to get more creative with fun activities for my toddler, Gabriel, since he isn’t interested in crafts at all and needs physical and tactile activities. Maybe he will like them more as he gets older (he’s just 2 1/2 […]

Guide to Starting Your Own Cooking Club!

Gabe and I really enjoyed cooking together, and even his backhoe got to help shovel pieces of garlic! My MOMS® Club really rocks – the ladies and activities we’ve had over the 2 1/2 years I’ve been in it have gotten me through tough times navigating motherhood, and have helped me to make some very good […]

We’re doing the 3 Day Potting method!

We are knee deep in the last day of our three day potty training method with our 30 month old and this morning Gabe woke up completely DRY! I am still in total shock. I have not followed all the rules of this method, but it must be working so far despite my small failures. […]