Blueberry Wheat Oat Muffins Recipe – Post at Inner Child Food

Today I’m writing over at Inner Child Food sharing a delicious recipe that the boys and I made – Blueberry Wheat and Oat Muffins. These are hearty, healthy, filling and delicious without all the processed sugar! I like to make them to have on-hand for hectic mornings when we need a quick and filling breakfast. I […]

All Natural Cough Syrup with Echinacea, Licorice and Honey

Make a powerful, immune-boosting cough syrup for a fraction of the cost of the natural ones you buy in the store with not a single gibberish-sounding ingredient in sight. And, if you’re not happy taking over-the-counter medicines that do little to relieve your cold and leave you wondering what the heck you just put into your […]