Giveaway – Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers and Wee Generation Baby Care Products

Today starts the month-long giveaway celebration for my blog’s one-year anniversary! I’m very excited to partner with Seventh Generation, who has been a big supporter of my blog, to bring you a fantastic giveaway of something you just can’t live without if you have a baby – diapers, baby shampoo, baby lotion and diaper rash […]

Seventh Generation Diapers and Baby Care Line Review

Seventh Generation has an excellent line of products including diapers and baby care just for the littlest people in our lives that are far safer alternatives to brands that contain chlorine, petroleum-based chemicals and sodium-laureth-sulfate. I had the opportunity to review the products and here are my thoughts! GIVEAWAY for these products is going on […]

Giveaway – Seventh Generation’s Cleaning and Disinfecting Products

I’m very excited to bring you a green giveaway, just in time for holiday guests to arrive! You have the opportunity to win Seventh Generation’s Holiday Cleaning Kit, from their line of disinfecting and cleaning products, which are much safer to use than traditional cleaning products. Using natural products like these around the holidays will […]

Seventh Generation Disinfecting and Cleaning Supplies

As much of a fan I am of making my own cleaning supplies, I am a big fan of Seventh Generation’s line of disinfecting and cleaning supplies because they are effective and powered by essential oils! I stopped buying cleaning and disinfecting supplies almost a year ago, once a good friend gave me the book, […]

Seventh Generation Cleanhouse Challenge Product Reviews

When Josh from Seventh Generation contacted me to see if I wanted to try their new line of products, do you think I said no? Only if I’d been drugged! I mean, they have greener products that come in recycled bottles that are much safer than other famous brands and some even powered by essential […]