Larsen Toy Lab Blocks – Sustainable & Non-Toxic!

It’s hard to find toys that are truly non-toxic and made from sustainable materials like wood, so I love when I come across a toy company with a conscience. Larsen Toy Lab is one of those companies! They sent me these blocks to review and to offer you a giveaway for your own engraved set! […]

How We Ditched the Paper Towels and Went to Cloth

Ditching the paper towels has been a surprisingly easy transition for my household. See how we did, and how I made a pretty little container to house the towels! Making the switch from disposable diapers to cloth (see my complete cloth diapering guide here) a few years ago was like learning how to ride a […]

How We Ditched Paper Napkins and Went to Only Cloth with No Sewing

I have learned so many things from my dear friend Tana. She got me back on the cloth diaper train, encouraged me to try elimination┬ácommunication (if you’ve heard of this, then you are a true natural parent!), introduced me to homemade green cleaning products by showing me her “Clean House Clean Life” book, and when […]