Easy DIY Nursery Wall Art {free tutorial}

While I was eight months pregnant with squirt blossom, Grayson, my husband took Gabriel to see his parents for a week (I was too preggo to travel). It was fantastic – I had a WHOLE week to myself! I went to town decorating Grayson’s nursery – sewing, cutting, and painting. I love simple, cheap decorating […]

DIY Wall Art from From Your Favorite Wine Labels

Do you have favorite wine bottles that have a special memory attached to them, but don’t have room to put them on display? Then use the label right off the bottle to create custom wall art, and making it look beautiful is surprisingly easy! I needed wall art for my kitchen when we first moved […]

DIY Wall Art for a Baby or Kid’s Room {tutorial}

Here is my simple, easy painting that anyone can do to make custom wall art for your kid’s or baby’s room, or any room in the house. All it takes is acrylic paint that matches the room decor, alphabet stickers, and a circular object to trace. I love painting, but I’m no fancy artist. But […]