Smarty Pants – Training Pants and Cloth Diaper Review

I’m always on the look-out for good quality and affordable cloth diapers and they aren’t easy to find. In my Complete Cloth Diapering Guide, I write about several brands I’ve tried already, but I hadn’t tried Smarty Pants brand of both cloth diapers and training pants for toddlers. They have super cute patterns and are made of quality fibers like cotton and bamboo.

Affordable Smarty Pants Cloth Diapers Review

Their cloth diapers are super soft as they’re lined with bamboo, which gets a big thumbs up from me since that is a natural and sustainable fiber (bamboo grows super fast and is easy to grow). Also, they are $13.99 each, which is cheaper than some of the big name brands which can cost $20 to $30 a diaper. I like how they have both rows at the top of the diaper to adjust both the waist and leg opening, plus the middle section of buttons to adjust the girth. They fit babies from 8 to 34 pounds! They also sell wet bags to stash the dirty ones in, which is a must-have in our house!

Smarty Pants Bamboo and Cotton Cloth Diaper Inserts

Each diaper comes with this super thick, soft and absorbent bamboo/cotton insert. It’s made of five layers – two bamboo layers on the outside and three microfiber terry towel inserts in the middle. I really like the nice seam near the outside edge of the insert, which I’ve never seen with other brands, that makes it less bulky.

Smarty Pants - Training Pants for Toddler Potty Training

One of the coolest products they sell are their training pants. These are just ingenious! They look and feel just like underwear but have this secret waterproof lining inside the undies to make accidents less messy. They also do not have any padding, which at first I didn’t understand, since training pants I buy in the big-box stores all have lots of padding to absorb accidents. However, once I tried them on Grayson, who’s just shy of two, I understood. He feels the pees much faster than with the padded underwear and told me as soon as he was going “Pee pee potty. Pee pee, potty.”

They also come in super cute designs, like the baseball ones above. You can buy – pink owls, cute chicks, flower princess, and dinosaurs!

Smarty Pants Training Pants - A Look Inside

So they really are perfect for potty training! The only drawback is that if your child has a big pee, it will leak out. However, this was useful for Grayson because it bothered him and he wanted to go right to the potty. So, in my opinion, they are excellent for training around the house but you must keep a close eye on the child and take him to the potty as he is going (this is the best way we’ve found to potty train anyway).

Smarty Pants Cloth Diapers and Training Pants - Affordable and Good Quality!

They even have the option of FREE SHIPPING (yay!) and the products will still arrive in 2 to 5 days. Not bad! Overall, I am quite happy with the quality and affordability of Smarty Pants cloth diapers and training pants and have already ordered a bunch more training pants to continue training Grayson!  I’ll report back to let you know how it goes.

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