Preschool Christmas Tree Ornament Craft – Dollar Store Snowflake

This is a super quick and easy ornament craft you can make with children, from toddlers on up! My two and four year olds loved making their ornaments and ALL the supplies were purchased at the dollar store!

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Ornament Craft for KidsI bought these supplies at the REAL dollar store, so the grand total was $4 for supplies, plus tax. Gotta love it.

You need:

  • Box of large popsicle sticks
  • 1 Bag of pom poms
  • White glue (or a hot glue gun would be better, but it won’t cost $1)
  • Glitter glue sticks (they come 10 to a package!)

Glue the sticks together in the middle to create a star. If you’re using white glue, it will take an hour or so to fully dry. A hot glue gun will make the process go much faster!

Then, have the kids paint and glue pom poms on them. Write their name and the year on the back and keep for yourselves or give as gifts! These would make great teacher and grandparent gifts. Enjoy!

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Snowflake Ornament made by Kids!

Here’s the one my two-year-old made!

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