Crochet Lily Pad Baby Blanket – Free Crochet Pattern

A free crochet pattern for a baby blanket that is full of texture – could even be a fidget toy! It’s full of 3-D circles that literally pop off the blanket, making it look like lily pads floating on top of a calm pond. Crochet Lily Pad Baby Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern by My Merry Messy Life I wrote this pattern for All Free Crochet, and you can find the complete pattern here. I used the forked half double crochet stitch and the popping circle stitch, both of which I learned from my favorite crochet book, Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia.

Free Crochet Pattern for Lilypad Baby Blanket

The stitch is probably more of an intermediate stitch, and you’ll need to be able to follow written patterns well. But, once you get the popping circles stitch down, it’s just repeated over and over. I was able to do it while watching TV, so it’s not too terribly complicated!Bernat Satin in Sage Yarn Review

I was also able to review Bernat Satin yarn in Sage. This is a beautiful color that is really almost gender neutral – I think it’s really more a teal than sage. This yarn is so soft and just glides on my fingers while I work. It made the blanket nice and thick and SO soft. Perfect for a baby!

Crochet Lily Pad Blanket - A Free Crochet Pattern for a Perfect, Textured Baby Blanket!

I really like the forked half double crochet stitch – it’s so much more visually interesting than just straight half double or double crochet and makes a thicker weave. I’m crocheting several hats with this stitch as well and they are perfect for cold weather!

See the full pattern here!

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