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DIY Natural Daily Shower Spray

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A simple and affordable DIY natural daily shower spray to prevent mold, mildew and soap scum from building up in your shower in between cleanings.




Pour the water and Hydrogen Peroxide into the bottle first. Then add the soap and essential oils. Replace the top and gently swish to mix. 

Saturate your shower walls after showering. Wipe down with a sponge for even better results!


If you have natural stone such as granite, marble, or travertine, use Hydrogen Peroxide instead of the vodka or Rubbing Alcohol as both of those ingredients are corrosive to natural stone.

Sunlight and heat will break down both of the hydrogen peroxide and essential oils – keep out of direct sunlight for best results. Storing the spray in a brown amber or other dark spray bottle will also help!

Other natural soaps that will work in place of the Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds are Thieves Household Cleaner or a natural dish soap. I use Castile Soap in a ton of my cleaning recipes, but I don’t recommend it for this one as it can leave a film on the shower since it has a more oily base.