A delicious and hearty Crock Pot meal with roast and the sweet flavor of apples, with the tangy bite of vinegar and cinnamon, all over egg noodles and veggies.




  1. First, take your roast and push the cloves into the meat (use as many or as little as you want!) and smear salt and pepper over it. Then, in a bowl, whisk together the Gravy Mix. In the Crock Pot, place the onion, apples and carrots in the bottom, then place the two halves of the roast on top. Pour the apple juice over the top, and then the gravy mix. (I like to have the gravy mix cook with the roast so the meat absorbs the flavors, instead of waiting until it’s cooked to pour over.)
  2. Cook on high for 4-6 hours. Then, in the last hour, whisk together the Gravy Thickener and pour into the Crock Pot. About 15 minutes before you’re ready to serve, cook your wide egg noodle pasta and veggie, like green beans or asparagus.
  3. Place pieces of the roast over the noodles and pour the gravy on top (mmm mmm mmm!). Make sure to get some carrots, apples and onions, too! Merry Cooking!
  4. Tip: You’ll know it’s done when the meat just falls apart, like it’s melting!