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DIY Natural Shower Gel Recipe

3.5 from 2 reviews

A recipe for a natural shower gel made with nontoxic and gentle ingredients like Castile Soap, olive oil, essential oils, and honey. And it really does make a thick gel!




Heat the water until it’s very hot or boiling (in the microwave is fine). Add the salt and stir until it dissolves completely. Then, add the Castile Soap and stir well. The salt water will thicken up the soap, turning it into a gel! Once it cools, add the honey, carrier oil, and essential oils and stir very well. Transfer to an 8 oz. squirt bottle.


This recipe really does make a thick gel that’s perfect for squirting on a loofah! It also suds up really well. The salt is essential to making the gel consistency. Without it, it will be watery.