Crochet Sun Hat (Granny Stitch) – Free Crochet Pattern

In anticipation of flip flop and tank top weather approaching, I’ve been madly crocheting colorful sun hats for little girls. If I were a famous designer, I’d call this my Sherbet line since they remind me of popsicles and Sherbet ice cream! These hats just make me smile, and if I had a little girl, you bet she’d be wearing them! The Granny Stitch allows for lots of air to pass through, but will still keep most of the sun out. The brim is large enough to protect those precious little faces and necks!
Crochet Granny Stitch Sun Hat for Girls

This pattern will make a hat to fit a toddler – 12 months to 3 years. To make the hat smaller or larger, add or decrease the increasing rows. (I’ve marked the increasing rows below, or see my pattern for babies here). To make a hat to fit another size, see my post on Crochet and Knit Hat Measurements and how to calculate them. If you’re going to make the hat larger, I suggest adding another row to the brim to make it wider.

Crochet Sun Hat with the Granny Stitch for Little Girls

Toddler Size Hat – 12 months to 3 years
(a printer friendly PDF version is coming soon!)

Granny Stitch Sun Hat

Written and Designed by Sara McFall of My Merry Messy Life


  • Hook: G, 4.25 mm (any hook size larger will make a huge hat!)
  • Yarn: Worsted Weight, Medium 4. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Perfect Pink (where to buy), Aruba Sea (where to buy), Light Coral (where to buy), Medium Purple (where to buy), White (where to buy), and Yellow (where to buy).


  • SL ST = slip stitch
    HDC = half double crochet
    CH = chain
  • Pattern:

    Crown of Hat:

    (I used one color to stitch the crown of the hat)
    CH 3, join with a SL ST to form a ring
    (read my other post on “How to Work in the Round” if you need more help)

    • Round 1: CH 1 (counts as first HDC). Work 11 HDC in ring (12 HDC total). Join to beginning CH 1 with a SL ST.
    • Round 2 (increasing round): CH 1. In same stitch, work 1 HDC.  In next stitch, work 2 HDC. Work 2 HDC in each stitch all the way around (24 HDC total). Join to beginning CH 1 with a SL ST.
    • Round 3: CH 1. In the next stitch, work 1 HDC (counts as first HDC). Work 1 HDC in each stitch around (24 HDC total). Join to beginning CH 1 with a SL ST.
    • Round 4 (increasing round): CH 1 (counts as first HDC). In next stitch, work 2 HDC. *In next stitch, work 1 HDC. In next stitch, work 2 HDC.* Repeat from * all the way around (36 HDC total). Join to beginning CH 1 with a SL ST.
    • Round 5: (make this another increasing round if you want the hat to be bigger for child older than 3 years, otherwise continue the instructions outside of the parenthesis – 1 HDC, 1 HDC, 2 HDC all the way around). CH 1, in the next stitch, work 1 HDC. Work 1 HDC in each stitch around (36 total HDC).

    Granny Stitch

    (switch colors now)

    Join your new color to the opposite side of where you ended the last round. Join with a SL ST and CH 1.

    My Merry Messy Life: Crochet Granny Stitch Sun Hat - Instructions

    Work 3 HDC in the same ST, and CH 1.

    Crochet Granny Stitch Sun Hat - Tutorial

    SK 2 HDC spaces.
    *Work 4 HDC in the next stitch and CH 1.
    SK 2 HDC spaces.*
    Repeat from * all the way around and join to beginning CH 1 with a SL ST.

    Crochet Granny Stitch Sun Hat - Instructions for the Granny Stitch

    Repeat rows of this Granny Stitch until your hat reaches its desired height!

    How to Change Colors

    To change colors for each round, continue to join in a different place than the previous color and follow the directions above.

    To Keep the Same Color

    To keep the same color, eliminate the last CH 1 and join to beginning Granny Stitch with a SL ST. Then, CH 1 and work 3 HDC in same space (it’s a little awkward feeling, but it evens out as you work your way around and makes a seamless join!).

    Crochet Granny Stitch Sun Hat - Instructions on How to Keep the Same Color

    To work the brim, please see my next post on working Sun Hat brims.

    To see the pattern for babies, click here.

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    About Sara McFall

    Sara is the owner and founder of My Merry Messy Life, which started in 2011 as a way to chronicle her journey to a natural, chemical-free lifestyle and to share her passions of mothering, real food, homeschooling and crochet. She is a mama to three precious and energetic little boys and wife to a university professor who loves to sing, dance ballet and ballroom, and live simply and naturally.


    1. That is adorable! I think I’m going to need one of those for Gracie!

    2. Thank you Kelly! Do you have some favorite colors you’d like?

    3. This hat is super cute for a little girl in summer. I’ve never tried the granny stitch before but it looks really easy.

      Christine @

    4. I just love this…I have to try… 🙂

    5. Anonymous says:

      i needed a last minute gift idea for a baby shower and stumbled across all your awesome patterns. the hats were such a hit with everyone and the mom to be just can’t wait to try it on her new little one! thanks for the great ideas!

    6. I love this pattern and wish to make for my expected baby. I am afraid its not taking a shape of hat, instead its coming as a circle (Just like a hot pad). I completed three rounds of granny square and before going further need your help . I followed the instruction for baby girl hat pattern. Please let me know if i am doing it right or something is wrong.
      – Thanks & Regards

      • Hi Adi! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Did you count the stitches in each row as you crocheted the crown? The last row in the crown before the granny stitches should end with 30 stitches. Then, there should just be 10 granny stitches in each row after that. (for the baby hat, that is). Congrats on your pregnancy!

      • @Sara,

        Thanks alot for the reply..:)I am getting 15 granny stitches in each row..Seems like it is too big for the new, i will just complete this hat with the same 15 stitches in each row to give as a gift. I will make new one for the baby..I will share the pic after completing this hat.
        – Best regards

    7. Lovely!!!

    8. Great to meet you and thanks so much for sharing this adorable pattern on Craft Schooling sunday! Hope you’ll be back again soon, can’t get enough of crocheting these days!

    9. Love this pattern. I just wish I could get it in adult size. I must be a big kid 🙂

    10. Do you have this pattern written for smaller sizes? Interested in Newborn:)

    11. These are adorable. I’ve had a lot of ppl ask me to make hats for there kidlets. Are you opposed to me selling the finished product if I show that the pattern is yours not my own?

    12. First, this hat is adorable and thank you for the pattern. However, I have a question as I can not get the right stitch count. On round 1, I chained 1 and worked 11 hdc into the ring and joined to CH 1 (which counts as first HDC) Now, on round 2, you say to ch 1 and work 1 HDC into same stitch and then work 2 HDC into each stich around. So when I count the stitches, that’s 1 + 11 * 2 which would be 23 stiches. What am I doing wrong?

      • Hi Vicki! So that first CH 1 in round 1 counts as the first HDC, so there are 12 HDC total in that round. Then in round two, you are doubling that 12 by crocheting 2 HDC in each of the 12 stitches, making 24. So, I counted that first CH 1 and the 1 HDC in that same CH space as TWO HDCs. Does that make any sense? Clear as mud? 🙂

    13. Jenni Ward says:

      I am working on the pattern and my hat looks tiny like it would fit a newborn, I am using an H hook and worsted weight yarn.

    14. Hi,I love this pattern it’s soo adorable 🙂 I have one question..I’m trying to do this in cotton rather than worsted weight and using a smaller hook but when I start the granny stitch it starts going flat 🙁 please if you can HELP!! 🙂 x

      • Hi Gemma! It shouldn’t go flat just because the yarn and hook are different. So, I suggest counting each row to make sure you have the same amount of stitches as the pattern. And I’m not quite sure what you mean by flat – it’s getting bigger and bigger and becoming a flat circle? If that’s the case, then you are still increasing when you shouldn’t be.

        • Thanks for the reply,I’m not going to give up so I’m going to try again today..fingers crossed it works this time round!!
          I followed the instructions,but it’s when I get to the third or forth granny stich that it starts looking like a tea coaster :/ maybe I should just carry on and hopefully it’ll end a hat shape. Thanks again x

    15. Diane Threat says:

      Tooooo cute! How can I print the directions for these adorable hats? Well, I know it is one pattern, but sooooo many colors! (and sizes!)


    16. I love this pattern! I made it for my 10 mth old and am in the process of making it for my 6 yr old and have a big question! How would I alter it for her?

    17. Love the hat. Just finishing my first one. I make hats for babies and children with cancer. I will enjoy using this pattern as an alternate style. Currently I have 45 hats to go to our local hospitals. Thanks for a great pattern.

    18. When you start the second row/round of granny stitch do you just do it in between the granny stitches of the previous row/round? ( the ch space I guess) thanks in advance 🙂

    19. Hi Sara @ My Merry Messy Life~

      I noticed on June 9, 2012, that you had mentioned writing the pattern for the Crochet Sun Hat in adult sizes. I can’t find those directions anywhere. Did I miss them or are they in another place? Love this hat and would like to make it for myself as I am disabled and need to keep my head warm. Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. 🙂

    20. Jennifer Sandal says:

      Hi Sara @ My Merry Messy Life ~
      I recently taught myself to crochet & came across your adorable hat pattern. I’m making this for a friend of mine that is due the end of March, so I’m excited to see the completed project 🙂 I have a question regarding what to do with the loop at the end of round 4? I am changing colors beginning the granny stitches and since the pattern says to start on the opposite side of the round I’m not sure if I’m supposed to fasten off at the end of the crown rows and weave in the ends or if I’m missing something. Thank you!

      • Hi Jennifer! Congrats on learning how to crochet! As for the hat, you can weave in the ends at the end of the project or during, whenever you want is fine. I recommend starting a new color in a different spot than where the previous color ended, so that you don’t have a seam running all the way down where the rounds join. Does that make sense?

    21. aa I did CH2 for all of the rounds including the granny stitch(which I have 4 rounds of) Will my hat turn out goofy if I just continue or should I start all over again. This is the second time I have tried(first time worked out perfectly but I had opened the “baby girl sun hat” in pink and white so I was making the wrong size and had to start over) I really do not want to start over but I do not want to waste all this yarn if its going to look weird.

    22. Hi… I did CH2 in every round including the 4 rows of granny stitch I have completed. My question is will it turn out or will it look goofy if I continue on. I have tried twice now(first time I opened the “baby girl sun hat” in pink and white on accident so I wwas making the wrong size) I really do not want to waste any more yarn… what are your thoughts

    23. Hi. This pattern is adorable. Problem though. I have 36 stitches but I am getting more than 10 granny stitches. Help! 😉

    24. I am making the darling granny stitch sun hat. Problem: after completing round 4 ( and I do have 30 HDC ) and going on to make the granny’s it says that there 10 of them in each row. Following the instructions —4 HDC in one stitch and then skipping 2HDC spaces around you end up with more than 20 grannies ?? I have repeated these last two rows 20 times and still cannot figure it out . Please help.

      • Hi Marilyn! Okay, so are you sure you’re skipping two HDC’s after the granny stitches? Because doing the math, it is only 10 granny stitches when you start with 30 HDC. (30 HDC divided by 3 – 1 for the granny and 2 for the HDC) = 10. Make sure you’re not working the granny stitch into that third stitch, but skipping it. Does that make sense?

      • Marilyn, I read your question again and after round 4, you should have 36 HDC stitches, so that would make 12 granny stitches. Is that what you have?

    25. Thanks so much formthe pattern! So easy to follow and works up quickly.

    26. I am working it in cotton, in row 5 I did another incrase, now is 48, but width is only…6 x 2= 12″. I need it for a 4 yr old. Do I keep inc in every round until it is the right size? And I am using a H hook instead of G. The cotton is certainly making a big dif

      • Hi Mary! Yes, keeping increasing each row until it gets to be the size you want. Then, stop increasing after that (1 stitch in each space). To make it go faster, you can increase every couple of stitches instead. Might take some experimenting.

    27. After I do the first row of grannies,,, I have 10 grannies…now if I skip 2 hdc how am I getting to the next ch 1 space? isn’t that skipping 4 hdc? I’ve tried and tried..can you draw what it would/ look like? its too cute for me to give up on it but I am to that point.:( what would your next picture be after the posted above? if you go in every 2 hdc don’t I get more than 10 grannies? I do?!

    28. I wish you gave directions for larger=than-toddler sizes, Would love to make a matching hat for two sisters – one newborn and one 10 years old.

    29. After the first row of granny stitches, I end up with 12 grannies.
      For the second row and on, do I skip 2hdc or work in the spaces from the first row? That would be skipping 4 hdc.
      Also, my gaps seem to be bigger and more noticeable than your hats. Am i doing something wrong?
      This a cute hat, I don’t want to give up on it!

      • Hi there, Donna! Okay, after you’ve done one row of granny stitches, there are no more HDC spaces left to crochet in. You just work your new granny stitches in between the sets of granny stitches, does that make sense? The only reason I could think that you’re gaps are bigger is that you could be using a thicker yarn that I did or that your hook is larger. Your tension could also be looser. Best of luck! I hope this makes sense for ya, if not, lemme know!

    30. I love this! I made it last night for my little girl!

    31. Super cute!

    32. Hello,

      I made this cute hat for my (almost) three year old.
      I blogged about it and translated your pattern on my blog too.
      I really hope you don’t mind, I just think more Belgian and Dutch people who struggle with English can make it too. (Although I think your pattern and picture tutorial are awesome!)
      Off course I gave all the credits to you and linked to the pattern en the photo tutorial.
      Many greetings from Belgium.

      • Hi Ilse! It was nice of you to let me know that, thank you! Only thing is, it’s against copyright law to copy a pattern in its entirety. You are more than welcome to link to it, though!

    33. Regina Tinkham says:

      I am continuing the pattern after making the crown. I don’t understand why you say skip 2 half crochets when it looks like you go into each ch 1 space. Do I slip stitch after each row or continue in a spiral. It is looking flat as I continue and don’t understand why it is not forming into a hat. Sincerely Regina Tinkham

    34. Linda Melbourne says:

      I have 36 sts when
      I finished increasing. How many Granny Squares should I have in each round? I have 18 but I am thinking it is too big.


    35. I am almost finished making this hat but it is looking like a giant doily. How do I make it look like a hat? I am making this for my Granddaughter. Do I block it to get it to look like a hat?

      Merry Kay B. Milam

    36. Cynthia Holder says:

      Can you tell me what the hat length before starting the brim should be for the toddler size

    37. Hello! This pattern is so pretty, would you mind if I made this and sell the item? I will definitely credit you!

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