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A complete guide to go natural in your home for the busy mama!

  • More than 80 DIY recipes using simple ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and essential oils
  • Shopping lists for each area of your home for those recipes
  • Lists of SAFE store-bought products to purchase if you're not a DIY person
  • Research on the toxins in our products and how they affect our health.

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My One-Stop Essential Oil Shop

I exclusively rely on Young Living for all my essential oils and supplements needs. Their products have been an integral part of my family's health regimen since 2014, and we have all seen remarkable results. With their ability to enhance our immunity, promote clear skin and healthy hair, and support our digestive system, Young Living has become our one-stop-shop for most of our wellness needs. Although their prices may be higher than other brands, I feel that the quality of their products justifies the cost.

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