I'm Sara, A MERRy, MESSY mom of 4!

I started My Merry Messy Life in 2011 as a way to be able to work while staying home with my kids. I studied journalism and marketing in college, so it was a perfect fit for me! I worked during naptimes and in the evenings. Looking back, I don't know how I had the energy but I guess it was because I love what I do!

I'm married to Kevin, an engineer, and in early 2011, we moved from the USA to Germany seeking adventure, travel, and new opportunities. It has been a wild and challenging adventure, traveling around Europe with four kids and integrating into a new culture and language. For more on our lives here, check out my other website and YouTube channel, My Merry Messy German Life.

In this picture, we were at Europa Park, which is the European version of Disney World! We had SO much fun!

What I Can Offer You Here

Here on my blog, My Merry Messy Life, I help moms simplify their homes and create a cleaner, healthier, and calmer environment for their families. With a passion for all things natural, I provide tips and recipes using essential oils for everything in your home. I help you on a journey to a more organized life filled with peace, clarity, and fun!

I have four kids so I can feel overwhelmed a LOT. The systems and lifestyle changes I share with you here have helped me tremendously. You can also find me on YouTube and I have a podcast to offer you even more support.

My most popular categories are the ones listed above, articles to help you go natural in your home and get healthy, and how to create systems to help you clean, organize and declutter your home. I also have a few other sections that are personal favorites of mine!

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