I used to hate my hair.

I grew up with super curly, wiry, poofy frizzy hair and no idea how to manage it. Can you relate?! It was even too curly to straighen! So I just resigned myself to having frizzy hair until at the age of 14 a stylist, at Great Clips of all places, told me to stop shampooing everyday, to use a ton of conditioner and start using styling products for curly hair. She was my ANGEL!

My hair transformed and it put me on a life long journey of learning how to care for my curls.Fastforward to my thirties, and I dove into the amazing Curly Girl Method! It has taken my curls from sorta-kinda-okay, to HOLY WOW! For real, it is an amazing method and my curls have never been happier. Read more about that method here

My Favorite Curly Hair Products and Accessories on Amazon

I have curated my favorite products that are all free of silicones and sulfates in an Amazon store to make getting started super easy for you! These are products I can personally vouch for and recommend, and I have notes written for many of them so you'll have my own personal tips! Click here to view the store!

Curly Hair Amazon Store