Why I Began Using Essential Oils

In 2014, I found myself at a loss when it came to my three young boys, who seemed to be constantly sick. Frustrated with the cycle of monthly doctor's visits and antibiotic prescriptions, I knew there had to be a better solution. This led me down a path of exploring various natural remedies, including essential oils, homeopathy, supplements, and nutritious food. Along the way, I discovered the benefits of alternative medicine, such as naturopathic care and chiropractic treatments. The journey has been eye-opening, and I'm grateful to have found a holistic approach to wellness for myself and my family.

My Favorite essential oils & supplements

My One-Stop Essential Oil Shop

I exclusively rely on Young Living for all my essential oils and supplements needs. Their products have been an integral part of my family's health regimen since 2014, and we have all seen remarkable results. With their ability to enhance our immunity, promote clear skin and healthy hair, and support our digestive system, Young Living has become our one-stop-shop for most of our wellness needs. Although their prices may be higher than other brands, I feel that the quality of their products justifies the cost.

Brand New to Essential Oils? I can make it easier for you.

In my quest for help, I was led to Young Living Essential Oils. I was so lost as to how to use essential oils properly, effectively and safely. I had questions like:

  • What is a safe amount to use?
  • Is it okay to use them around pets and children?
  • Which dosage is best for my kids, for me, for my husband?

I decided to start with one of their starter kits and found it incredibly easy. The kits are curated with the most popular and most useful essential oils, so it removes the guess-work. The one I recommend the most is the one you see in the photo to the right – the Dewdrop starter kit.

As a busy mom, my brain is always FULL, and I appreciate having clear instructions to follow. Trust me when I say that these kits are worth every penny, as they offer a comprehensive selection of products at a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing each item individually. In fact, you'll get the most bang for your buck with these starter kits, making them an excellent value for anyone looking to jumpstart their journey.

Get a Free Gift from Me!

If you do decide to purchase one of the easy starter kits, you can get a free gift from me! Simply email this special email promo code: MERRYOILS to [email protected] and you'll receive:

  • a printable Welcome Packet that includes:
    • an 18-page guide on how to use essential oils
    • recipe cards using essential oils
    • roller bottle and spray bottle labels
  • a printable Essential Oils journal you can use to record your new recipes.

Not in the Mood for a Starter Kit?

I get it. Sometimes we just want an oil or two and to be done with it. Here are some of the oils and products I use from Young Living the most! Click on the bottle to get it.

Cleaning & Laundry Recipes

Here are some of my cleaning and laundry products that use essential oils. They not only add a lovely scent that doesn't irritate my respiratory system or give me a headache (like artificial scents do), they are also powerful cleaners, degreasers.

Bath, Body & Beauty Recipes

Here are some of my bath, body and beauty that use essential oils. They not only add a lovely scent that doesn't irritate my respiratory system or give me a headache (like artificial scents do), they are also excellent for your skin. They help to cleanse, strengthen and give a healthy, youthful glow.