How I Learned to Love Exercise (as a mom)

As a mama of four littles, I’ve finally found a way to find the motivation for and fit in exercise and eating healthy, and the answer is probably not what you think! I used to be Super FIT! I grew up dancing 5-6 days a week and performing nearly every month on the weekends through the […]

Calm Essential Oil Spray Recipe

Calm the crazies with this super easy essential oil DIY spray recipe! It smells so good you could use it as perfume, to freshen up linens, and many other things. This is so easy to make and use, and is actually effective when you use high quality essential oils like the ones I use from […]

Fizzy Bath Bombs Recipe – All Natural

I love to use bath bombs for both my kids and for me! It’s really fun to watch them fizzle and then release the delicious scent of whatever essential oils I’ve added to them. They’re very easy to make and much cheaper than the ones you buy in the store. Plus, you can make sure […]

Pillow Spray Recipe with Essential Oils

Pillow sprays make great gifts and are so easy to make and use! They can help you to fall asleep faster and keep those dreams sweeter. I love keeping this sweet smelling pillow spray on my bedside table to use before I crawl into my cozy bed at night. It makes falling asleep that much […]

Christmas Spirit Spray Recipe with Essential Oils

It’s super easy to make sprays using essential oils, and I love to get them out at Christmas time as gifts for teachers, friends and family! This is so easy to make and use, and is actually effective when you use high quality essential oils like the ones I use from Young Living! How Does […]

How I Found Emotional Freedom (Top 10 Tips)

I have spent the past three years diving into personal development and can honestly say I have found emotional and spiritual freedom! My passion is helping others to also find this freedom – it has helped me to be successful in my business, my marriage, with my children and even my friends. #1 – Release […]

My Nighttime Curly Hair Routine

All my tricks for how to care for your curls even while you’re sleeping so you can wake up with no frizz or tangles, soft and ready to go! Must-Have Curly Girl Guide Book I have learned so much from this book – the Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey. It has so many […]

Bentonite Clay Face Mask

This is a super easy and cheap way to clean, detoxify, and even shrink the pores on your face. Let’s get started! Why Bentonite Clay? Well, I actually wrote a whole post on it! The basic jist of it is that it binds to toxins and then you wash them off. Check out the full […]

Dangers of Non-Stick Cookware (Teflon) and What to Use Instead

Teflon is something we really need to steer clear of – it contains toxic plastics that actually release fumes as you cook and gets into the food we eat. The good news is, it’s easy and cheap to replace those non-stick pans with pans that last forever and are healthy! I used to be the […]

Ten Healing Benefits of Yoga

I have long loved yoga as it reminds me of ballet days of stretching, strengthening and using your own body weight as resistance. So I did some research as to it’s healing benefits and wanted to share with you how it has been a part of my healing journey as a mama and a woman. I’ll never forget taking […]