How to Keep Your Home Consistently Clean – Weekly Home Blessing Hour

Today I'm going to teach you one simple tip to help keep your home consistently clean by using the Weekly Home Blessing Hour from the Flylady System! This tip will make it so that friends, family and neighbors can show up unannounced and you won't feel embarrassed with your dirty home. It will also reduce your stress and mental clutter.

How to Keep Your House Clean Consistently with the Weekly Home Blessing Hour from the Flylady System

What is the FlyLady System?

To put it very simply it’s a system to help you manage your home and life to reduce stress and chaos. It is a way of life! It helps you to be able to:

  • Clean your home systematically, consistently and easily.
  • Reduce mental clutter and stress by giving you a plan and a focus.
  • Declutter your home by creating a habit of decluttering and organizing.
  • Anchor your life with routines and healthy habits so you can be the homemaker and mother you truly want to be.

It’s all based on the book by Marla Cilley, Sink Reflections, which I highly recommend buying to get a complete, in-depth overview of the system. It was an easy and enjoyable read for me. I teared up quite a few times while reading it because she truly understands what it’s like to manage a home while being a mom. She speaks to our spirits, to our struggles, and offers easy and simple solutions to make our lives much better! She also has a website,, if you’d like to check that out.

How to Keep Your Home Consistently Clean

We all want our homes to be consistently clean – both for our own sanity and happiness and in the annoying case that nosy neighbor or family member pops over unannounced again! It's so embarrassing when the house is a mess. With the Flylady system, your house can stay clean on a regular basis! Not perfect, because lawd knows it ain't ever perfect! But good enough.

Weekly Home Blessing Hour

So the secret to a consistently clean home in the Flylady system is two part – the Weekly Home Blessing Hour and Zone Cleaning. I'll cover Zone Cleaning in another post.

For the Weekly Home Blessing Hour (or Power Hour/Home Cleaning Hour/Whatever You Wanna Call It Hour), the idea is you spend one focused hour a week cleaning only the high traffic areas of your home. Not cleaning the WHOLE house! Only the high traffic areas.

Don't Have an Hour? Spread It Out Instead.

If you don't have an hour chunk of time to clean, then spread it out throughout the day or the week! This can happen when you've got a small baby who needs your attention often, or toddlers who wander off and get into things, or you work inside or outside the home. Make this method work for you and not the other way around!

Use a Timer to Help you Stay Focused and Not Clean Too Long

Cilley relies on timers in her method to help you not get burned out and exhausted by cleaning for too long. When we clean for too long, then the next week we are like, “UGH! I don’t wanna clean again! It’ll take up my whole morning!” The timer helps you stay consistent, week after week. We do not have to clean everything on the list each week – focus on the dirtiest spots first.

So set your timer for 10-15 minutes and start crossing off items in your Flylady home control journal as you finish them. I've been amazed at how I can clean 3-4 things off of the list in just 15 minutes!

How to Keep Your Home Consistently Clean with a Weekly Home Blessing Hour from the Flylady System

Create Your High Traffic Area Cleaning List

Here’s my customized weekly cleaning list. Make sure to edit this list to make it work for the high traffic areas in YOUR home.

  • Mop kitchen and entryway
  • Vacuum living room
  • Vacuum office
  • Collect bed sheets & replace, put in laundry room to wash
  • Dust living room
  • Wipe living room windows
  • Collect bath towels and wash

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