Kids for Kindness – A Year of Family-Centered Random Acts of Kindess

Join the #kidsforkindness challenge as we do one kid-friendly random act of kindess for 2013!
Kids for Kindness - A Year of Family-Centered Random Acts of Kindess

Well, it's officially 2013! I love how a new year gives us a fresh start, a blank slate. For me, it's a time to reflect on goals I have for myself and my family and be purposeful about how to get there. It's about cleaning and organizing not only our house, but our minds and our lives.

So, I am so excited to be joining with Tutus & Tea Parties to pledge to do our best as a family to do one random act of kindness every week for a year. Wow, that's quite a commitment, isn't it? It's easy to stick to it at the beginning, but continuing will be hard. But that's why we're doing this together – accountability is powerful and we can help each other reach our goal.

I challenge you, as a family, to join with us to do a random act of kindness for each week of 2013. Tutus & Tea Parties will post a kid-friendly prompt for us to do each Friday. She will be sharing her experience the following week with a new prompt for us.

You don't have to commit to the whole year to participate – the whole point is to inspire kindness, to think about others and to teach our children to do the same, so anything along those lines counts. Kindness is contagious…so please, catch it and pass it on! If you aren't a blogger, you can join in the conversation on my Facebook page or Google + Page where each week I'll give you the opportunity to share your experience with the week's challenge. You can also leave comments with your experiences whenever I write a post about Kids for Kindness (which might not be every week).

For bloggers, Tutus & Tea Parties will have a blog hop for you to share your Kids for Kindness posts. If you're in, please grab the button and hop on over to Tutus & Tea Parties for the first Kids for Kindness RAK (Random Act of Kindness).
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 *You do not need to have a blog or post about it weekly to participate. It's just to inspire each other if you can.*


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