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Mermaid DIY Hair Serum Recipe with Essential Oils

DIY Mermaid Hair Serum using Essential Oils

Essential oils can be so helpful for growing hair and having a healthy scalp. I’ve been using this DIY hair serum for a while to soothe and nourish my scalp and grow my hair, and decided it was time to share it with you!

Bottles of DIY Hair Serum

Benefits of Scalp Massage

Scalp massages help to increase blood flow to the scalp, break up excess oil and dirt and keep the skin on your scalp healthy. If you’re wanting to grow your hair longer, or struggle with dandruff, psoriasis, dry, itchy scalp or want to grow more hair, scalp massages with castor oil and essential oils (like in this DIY hair serum) would be perfect for you! And using powerful essential oils, like ones from Young Living, will really add therapeutic properties to your massage and serum.

Benefits of the Essential Oils in this DIY Hair Serum

By adding in essential oils such as cedarwood, tea tree, rosemary and lavender, it makes the serum therapeutic because all three of these oils are very soothing and beneficial for skin. The cedarwood oil is really amazing because it does help to stimulate hair growth! Check out my Eyelash Growth Serum post for a recipe on how to use it to grow thick eyelashes!

Other essential oils you might consider include peppermint which will soothe itchy spots, and rosemary which is also great for a healthy scalp. I only use essential oils from Young Living Essential Oils as I’ve found they are the safest, purest and most effective oils in the world. I use them for way more than just my hair, though. We use them for all sorts of health needs! Click here to learn more about these special oils!

Another one of my favorite blends for hair and skin is Joy Essential Oil – it contains rose, jasmine and other very feminine oils.

I like to use jojoba as a carrier oil because it is the oil that most resembles the sebum in our skin. Other great options include olive, grapeseed, fractionated coconut, sweet almond oil, and castor oil.

Jamaiican Black Castor Oil

Castor oil has long been known for its ability to help the hair grow! Many have used it on receding hair lines, to grow eyebrows and eyelashes. The black castor oil is different than regular castor oil because the castor beans are roasted longer, which makes them stronger and even more effective.

It’s beneficial for the hair and skin due to the high amounts of ricinoleic acid it contains, which helps to increase circulation to the scalp and improve hair growth. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties make it beneficial against follliculitus, dandruff, and scalp infections!

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I had a great wash day yesterday and I really started to see a big difference in the softness of my hair and the shape of my curls! The #curlygirlmethod really works! 🙌🏼
⠀ 🌸 Washed with @innersenseorganicbeauty hydrating hair bath 🌸 Applied @devacurl Melt Into Moisture deep conditioner and steamed it with my @qredew steamer for 5 mins 🌸 Washed out and conditioned with @innersenseorganicbeauty conditioner, left most of it in with the Squish to Condish method 🌸 Applied @moptophair curly hair custard and then @devacurl ultra defining gel with praying hands on soaking wet hair and then scrunched 🌸 Dried with my portable hooded dryer and then my @xtavaofficial black orchid diffuser (I’ve got a post on how I dry my hair – drop me a comment and I’ll tag you in it)
⠀ The Ultra Definining Gel is not my fav – it makes my hair feel coarser and drier. But it makes my curls pretty, so I dunno about it! I’ve heard from many that the Arc Angel Gel is better – esp from @evanjosephcurls . But when I use the cheap @aussiehairusa instant freeze gel I get awesome results! Super soft bouncy curls.
⠀ There ya have it! What’s been working for you lately? #cgmethod #youareworthy #hydratedcurls

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Use It with Curly Hair

You can also use this serum with curly hair to “scrunch out the crunch” as we say! Drop some oil in your hands and scrunch out the cast that forms from gels to reveal soft, touchable curls. I have a video on how to do this in my IGTV on my Instagram account – click here to see it!

Use it as a pre-poo before shampooing to protect your ends while you shampoo. Drop some oil in your hands and massage through. A little goes a long way here, though, so I wouldn’t use much or it can weigh down your hair and make it frizzy.

Mermaid DIY Hair Serum Recipe

  • 1.75 oz. Jojoba oil (buy here) (fill to about halfway, but leaving room for the essential oils later)
  • 1 oz. argan oil (buy here)
  • 1 oz. Jamaiican Black Castor Oil (buy here)
  • OR do 4 ounces of your own favorite carrier oil like olive, sweet almond, grapeseed, or sunflower.
  • 1 4 oz. amber glass dropper bottle (buy here)
  • 10 drops cedarwood 5 drops rosemary, 5 drops lavender, and 5 drops tea tree essential oils (I buy all of mine from Young Living Essential Oils), or just 20 drops cedarwood as it’s the most effective for hair growth and will soothe the skin of the scalp as well
  • Optional – cute label from the Oil Drop Shop! See below for a coupon code!

Drop the essential oils in first, then add the carrier oils. The measurements won’t be exact, and that is okay! If you have a label, wipe the bottle off with alcohol before sticking it on, or wash the outside with soap and water to remove any oil that may be on the bottle.

How to Use

Apply a few drops to your finger tips and massage on the scalp. To really see fast hair growth, do a small scalp massage daily. You can also apply this mixture to your eyebrows and lashes! It is thick so it can be difficult to remove from the hair, so that’s why I suggest using it sparingly. You might even do it the night before you wash your hair so that it is well absorbed into the scalp first, making washing it out easier.

I got the beautiful label from the Oil Drop Shop on Etsy. Use coupon code MYMERRYMESSYLIFE to get 10% off!

Use and enjoy!

Check out my Curly Hair Page for more
curly hair tips and tricks!

Bottles of DIY Hair Serum


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