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DIY Natural Gelatin Hair Gel – Frugal and Easy!

DIY Natural Hair Gel with Gelatin

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Here is a frugal and easy natural gelatin hair gel recipe you can make in just minutes at home! No toxins in sight.




Pour the hot water into an 8 ounce container (but not plastic just yet since it’s so hot!) and pour in the gelatin. Stir to combine then refrigerate for 3-4 hours or until set. Drop the essential oils in once cooled and stir.

Store in the fridge and it lasts for 1-2 weeks. I find it’s easiest to use with a squirt bottle or else it gets messy. It’s jello for your hair, who would’ve thought?!


 I like to use my grassfed gelatin for this recipe because I can also use in my homemade gummies and jello recipes and it’s very nutritionally dense. To make this even cheaper, you can use the gelatin packets from the grocery store, they just won’t have as much nutritional value.