Home Habits 101 – Learn Small Habits to Regain Control of Your Home and Life

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Discover how simple baby steps can build lifelong habits and help you regain control of your home, life and mental clarity. This is for you if you’re feeling completely overwhelmed and frustrated in caring for yourself, your home and your family and organizing your life.



Discover how simple baby steps can build lifelong habits and help you regain control of your home, life and mental clarity. In 21-days you will create habits that will make you feel better about yourself, your home and your family. Come on in, with your messy hair, leggings, and stained t-shirt, and lean on someone else for a change!

This Course is For You if:

  1. You feel overwhelmed, exhausted and out of control when it comes to managing your home and family life.
  2. You'd like an easy, step-by-step, life reset button and don't have much money or time to invest.
  3. You feel like you're drowning in clutter and your house is always dirty. You feel like you just can't get ahead – always playing catch up.

You Will Learn How to Manage Your Home and Life Well

Each day you will add one new, very small and easy habit that will help you clear the cobwebs from your mind, declutter and organize your stuff, consistently clean your home, and even learn to take care aof yourself. Let's face it – home management is not a skill we are born with just because we are women (can I get an amen?!). Managing a home well takes organizational skills that many people aren't born with and have to learn – like me! In this course, and in my other courses, I teach you the same skills I learned back in 2018 that led to me totally transforming my home and mind for the better.

First Section – Personal Habits

In the first week, we focus on personal habits that will help you to start feeling better and less overwhelmed right away. If we don't feel good about ourselves first, then it will be much harder to manage our homes well.

Second Section – Basics of Decluttering

Then we start learning some simple habits to reduce the clutter in your home. It's very difficult to clean around clutter, so that's why we start with clearing some clutter before moving on to cleaning!

Third Section – Basics of Cleaning

Then we move on to some simple basic habits to start seeing some improvement in your home. Shining your kitchen sink, cleaning up small areas, and quick cleaning habits.

Fourth Section – Basics of Home and Life Management

Lastly we end the course with basic habits to manage your home and life well. From creating daily routines, to meal planning, to weekly and monthly planning, you'll start to feel less overwhelmed and more in charge of your own life.

How to Get This Course for FREE!

Get Home Habits 101 for FREE by purchasing Transform Your Home, which takes the habits you learn in Home Habits 101 and takes them to the next level where you can really master them.


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