Thank you for purchasing one of my essential oil Make and Take kit classes or label sets from my Etsy store! I appreciate you and your purchase very much. Here is the supply list hub for the most common supplies used in these classes.

2×2 inch Bottle Labels

These are for the printable label sets you can

  • Avery #22816 not waterproof, for laser and inkjet printers
  • Avery Waterproof 2×2 labels – waterproof, better for inkjet printers, can print with some laser printers
  • Or print out on regular paper and affix with clear packing tape

Roll-On Bottles

To make all of the roll-on recipes, you’ll need 1 tablespoon or 10 ml of any carrier oil you like, plus a roll-on bottle for each recipe.

My favorite carrier oils include:

My favorite roll-on bottles:

I highly recommend bottles with metal roller balls as they glide the oils on the best. The plastic roller balls often end up breaking down and getting stuck.

Tips for Applying the Labels

Pour your essential oils into the bottle first, then add the carrier oil. Close the top well. Then wash the bottle with soap and water and thoroughly dry it with a paper towel before putting on the label OR wipe it down with some rubbing alcohol. Then, put the label on your bottle.

Make sure to keep them out of the heat and direct sunlight, as both of those things do break down the essential oils, and they will lose their therapeutic powers.

Making Your Spray Bottles

These are my favorite spray bottles:

To make all of the spray bottle recipes, it’s helpful to have an emulsifier to mix the oils and water. You can put a pinch of salt in the bottom of the bottle or use a tablespoon or more of Witch Hazel (alcohol-free recommended). This is not necessary; however, you’ll just need to give your bottle a good extra shake before using it.

Put the salt or witch hazel in the bottle first, then add the essential oils, then add water to fill to the top. 

Printing the Table and Recipe Cards

If you'd like to print your table and recipe cards on postcard paper, you'll need Avery #8386 postcard paper (there should be a slight gap between the postcards in the picture). But it's fine to print them off on regular paper or on your own cardstock and cut them out yourself!

Table Card Picture Frames

I recommend also getting cheap 4×6 picture frames (like these) to display table cards, as this will make signage at your events much easier, and it looks very professional!

Foaming Hand Soap Pumps

Glass Jars

  • 4 oz. (brown amber)
  • 4 oz. (clear, hexagon with gold top)
  • 4 oz. (clear, leakproof, with flip-top lid)

Lip Balms

Miscellaneous Ingredients

Diffuser Bombs Bottles & Labels