Optional – How to Create a Home Management Binder

Home Management Binder Supplies

Before we officially start the course with Day 1, you might want to go ahead and buy supplies to make a home management binder. Again, this isn't about being perfect, but if you're like me and having new “school” supplies is fun to you, then plan a little shopping trip or hop over to Amazon and get these basic supplies:

Home management binder supplies

Printables for Each Lesson

For each lesson, I have a PDF printable attachment sheet for you that you can print and use. If you want to customize it, I've also included a blank version of each printable as a PNG (image file). You can edit the PNG in any word processing program and/or in Canva and PicMonkey putting Text Boxes over the jpeg image.

To edit the JPEGS in a Word Processing Program:

  • Create a new document (A4 or 8.5×11)
  • Place or add the PNG image
  • Make adjustments needed to the size
  • Create a text box to be able to write over the top of the image file. If you aren't sure how to create a text box, it's best to Google it as each word processing program is different.

These printables are designed for the standard American size sheet, which is 8.5×11 inches. If you are in Europe or have A4 size sheets, make sure to choose “Scale to Fit” when printing. It'll print at about 94% size, so slightly smaller, but it'll still work and look nice!

Motivational Quotes

I've also included some motivational quote printables if you'd like to print them out and use them. When you're feeling down or wanting to quit, perhaps they can help give you a bit of motivation and support! 

Want to do it digitally?

That's great! You can use your Notes App and a Calendar App to do most of the items in this course. They are both free on most phones! I'd suggest to create a folder for your Home Management Binder, and then add notes from each lesson into the folder. You can use your Calendar app or Reminders App later on to begin creating your routines. Also, some of my students have used the app, To-Do Ist Successfully and really like it.

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