Tips for Success In This Course

Tip 1 – Focus on Progress, Not Perfection

Life can be very messy. If you miss a day, or miss a step, it's okay! Go back to where you left off and continue from there. Perfection is not the goal and it will hold you back from completing this course. Real life happens – sickness, tragedy, super busy seasons, conflicts, stress. It's okay to step away for a bit and then give yourself permission and grace to jump back in where you left off. No one will punish you or shame you for doing so, so don't do it to yourself, either!

It's not about making sure the cleaning you're doing is done perfectly or even to completion. What the Flylady so brilliantly teaches is that it's about SMALL, consistent, daily actions. There are days where I barely get anything done at all except my morning and evening routines! And even then sometimes I don't complete those routines. But I take a deep breath and make sure I go to bed early, get a good night's sleep, so tomorrow I have the energy to get more done that day. 

Please be so careful to not use this method as another way with which to beat yourself up or allow shame or guilt to take over. The Flylady gives us an amazing framework, and then we adjust it to our own lifestyle and needs. 

I encourage you to make this course work for you. We are going to take what's already going on in your life and organize it – NOT add more to your to-do list!

Tip 2 – You are the Magic to Your Own Success

This course won't work unless you do! I cannot do the work for you or motivate you alone – you must also motivate yourself! It will take discipline to stick with it everyday, but like I say in the video, life happens and it's totally fine to take time off. You're in charge. Perhaps create a reminder on your phone to do the lessons each day, and then have a small reward for yourself when you're done! Or just come in the group and brag on yourself – bragging is welcome! It's human nature for it to be hard to create new habits, so be kind and gentle with yourself, but also have some discipline – kind discipline. You can do this!

Tip 3 – Cleaning Isn't Just for Moms!

Before we get started on the course, I wanted to talk about one of the most important elements of home management. Many moms are overwhelmed and exhausted from doing most, if not all of the home management, in addition to raising children and some are even working another job. 

We are not super moms or super heroes – we are humans. No one can or should do it all or try to do it all. My strong opinion and philosophy is that EVERYONE contributes to the care of the home. This is not a job just for moms! So as we go through the course, I will offer ideas and tips for how to involved your partner and children (if you have them) in the care of the home. 

Find ways to work together with your spouse/partner and kids to delegate and take ownership of different parts of the house. You can be the lead CEO, but remember, CEO's have employees! They don't do all of the work themselves or they'd have a tiny company with little revenue. The management of the home is too much work for just one person by itself, let alone with all it takes to care for children and work another job.