Barefoot Flower Sandals – Free Crochet Pattern

Who doesn’t love barefoot sandals? I know I do! They are perfect for the beach and pretty much any other summertime activity.  Although we don’t have a beach nearby, we can still enjoy the fun of decorating our feet.

Crochet Barefoot Sandals - Free Crochet Pattern!

We have this rule in my house about no shoes.  We started taking our shoes off when my aunt and uncle moved in with us. I believe I was about 5 or 6 years old I am not sure, but ever since then it has stuck with me.  Your floors stay so clean and so do the bottoms of your feet. Less dirt tracked into the house the less there is to clean up. Call me crazy, but anything that makes my daily chores easier is a win in my book! There is only one problem.

As you are probably realizing from my last couple of posts, my girls like to dress up. This includes princess shoes. Since we don’t do shoes in the house other than house shoes, I figured that I should make them some barefoot sandals.  These are what I came up with and they didn’t take long to make at all. They are pretty simple, but I have included a few pictures to kind of guide you through.  The girls love them. Nonny is the one who’s feet are shown above.  Lili is currently wearing this pair with her winter coat and a dress. I love how she has her own style.

Barefoot Crochet Sandals - Complete

Barefoot Flower Sandals – Free Crochet Pattern by Stacey Williams


  • Worsted Weight Yarn
  • Yarn Needle
  • Size 7 (4.5) mm hook
  • 2 Beads


  • Sl st- Slip Stitch
  • Ch- Chain
  • Sc- Single Crochet
  • Dc- Double Crochet
  • Tr- Treble Crochet –  Yarn over twice, insert the hook into the stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over, pull through the last 2 loops.

Child Size

  1. Magic Circle
  2. Ch 2, dc 4 into the circle. Turn
  3. Ch 2, dc into the next stitch, 2 dc into the next stitch, dc into the next 2 stitches. Turn
  4. Ch 2, dc into the next 2 stitches, 2 tr into the next stitch, dc into the next 2 stitches. Sl st down the side of the petal back to the circle.
  5. Repeat rows 2-4 (4 times)

Barefoot Crochet Sandal - finishing touches

6. Ch 12, sl st into the circle between the 2 petals to create a loop.

7. Tie off.

Working the Crochet Barefoot Sandal

8. Ch 45, find the top center petal and sc into 3 the top 3 stitches, ch 45.

9. Tie off.

10. Weave in all of your ends to make sure that it is secure.

Working the Crochet Barefoot Sandal - Ready to Add Button11. Sew the bead onto the center of the flower.

You can tie them 2 ways! If you want it longer to wrap around the leg several times, just make a longer chain. (Change the ch 45 to a larger number.)

Crochet Barefoot Sandal Pattern - Back

Done.  I hope you enjoy it! Merry Crocheting!

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Stacey is a stay at home wife and mother. She has always loved crafting and cooking. She started her blog, Busting Stitches, in 2012. She blogs about crochet, crafts, d.i.y., and recipes. She also talks about her life with Crohn's, aromatherapy, natural living, and becoming a herbalist.


  1. I would just like to say that your Barefoot Flower Sandals are cute, and I’m sure they would good on those who go barefooted a lot, but people such as myself who have Diabetes are told to not go barefoot because we could hurt our feet and the rest of our body would follow along with whatever happened to our feet. When people have Diabetes, they have Peripheral neuropathy and their toes are numb or tingle lots, and going barefoot even with your cute barefoot sandals is a big No-no. I would make them for my granddaughter, but at nearly 2 years of age, I doubt she’d wear them. Thanks for the pattern anyway, though. Perhaps if I make them, someone might buy them.

    What would be a good price to charge for them? I’ve been told that when making afghans and other items such as that I should charge 3 x the cost of the yarn to take care of the time it takes to make them. Would that be correct for those, too?

    • Yes, that’s a great way to price things! I think you could sell these for around $10 as they work up very quickly and there isn’t a lot of yarn.

  2. I have question about your crochet chick hat pattern, how many hdc do you put in the ch 3 at the beginning of the pattern . It can’t be made the way it is written.

    Thank you

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