Crochet Rosette or Rose Bud {free crochet pattern}

A free pattern and photo tutorial to make a perfect crochet rose appliqué.
Crochet Rosette Tutorial and Free PatternThis crochet rosette, or rose bud, is super cute and super easy to crochet. Perfect flower to make if you're just learning! It's the perfect accessory to a headband, beanie or bag.
See the free pattern for this headband, here.
Crochet Rose Pattern - perfect to add to a headband!

Crochet Rose Pattern

For the yarn and hook size, I would use whichever hook is recommended for your yarn to start. If you want the flower to be bigger and looser, then use a larger hook than recommended, and a smaller hook for a tighter, smaller rose.
Note: You can really make a chain however long you like. This is just my suggestion. For the red flower, I chained 25 and for the purple flower I made a chain of 12. The longer the chain, the bigger the flower.
  • CH 25
  • In the 4th CH from hook, work 2 DC.
  • Work 2 DC in each SP all the way down. Leave a long tail for sewing together.
  • Roll rose into a spiral (see photos below)
  • Take a tapestry needle on the bottom of the rose facing you, sew through the middle of it several times to keep all of the layers together.
  • Fasten off and leave the tail for sewing onto your projects!
Crochet Rose Pattern and Tutorial - Step 1
Work 2 double crochets into each chain all the way down. Fasten off and leave a long tail to sew the flower together. It makes a round spiral, curling as you go.
Crochet Rose Pattern and Tutorial - Step 2

I like to go ahead and sew the short tail into the strip and cut it off. This will now be the top side since it's finished. Then, unwind the spiral and then roll it together from one end, rolling towards the other end.

Crochet Rose Pattern and Tutorial - Step 3

Thread your needle with the long tail and use it to sew the rose together. This will hold the rose together. Sew right through the middle of the rose.

Crochet Rose Pattern and Tutorial - Step 4

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  1. Dear Merry,
    I have been trying to learn to crochet, as I am 86 yrs. old I cannot read patterns as I don’t know the names of the stitches, except for chain stitch, but quite good at following video tutorials,
    only thing is I have to follow 4 or 5 stitches, stop then start again to get the next 4 or 5 stitches, makes it very long drawn out and extremely exhausting.
    I learnt to knit at 4 yrs. old from a blind lady friend of my Mum’s, who I called Aunty Zoe, as there are only 2 stitches plain and purl, I am able to follow all the patterns.
    Can I ask you to teach me all the stitches on video and give me the abbreviation stitch name,
    like chain ch ect.
    I have managed a baby blanket and blanket, everyone who have seen them do not crochet and think they are very pretty(if I knew how to use the camera would send you a picture) but they don’t know if it is right or any mistakes, that is why I am requesting your kind help, as everything I have managed to see of yours, I found so easy to follow and understand, also I am not very good with this new technology which I am trying to learn as well, as I was donated an old iPad, I have an 8 yr. old neighbours son whom I can ask for help when I get stuck, only
    COVID means he cannot come to show me as I am on the Governments Clinically Extremely Vulnerable List. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who can crochet.
    I can understand if you cannot assist me.
    Best Wishes and Keep Safe and Well.

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