Halloween Monster Costume DIY Tutorial

Grrrowwwl! Ahhhhh! My little monsters are about the cutest, least-scary monsters I've ever seen. And I couldn't believe how easy this costume was to make! Not only that, but I made it with my toddler in just a few hours, so it was such a fun activity and bonding time for us. Here's a step-by-step photo tutorial so you can make one too – and there's NO sewing involved!

Halloween Monster Costume DIY Blue
I also crocheted the monster hat – pattern coming soon!

Gabriel decided a few weeks back he wanted to be a monster for Halloween. We looked at Halloween costume images at an online store and he chose the monster one, but it was nearly $70 and there was no way I was paying that much! So, I loved helping him make a costume he chose and getting him involved really helped him feel a sense of pride and excitement in the costume. Plus, we had a blast making it together and even used it as a time to practice counting and colors. Here's how we did it.


I bought all the craft supplies at Michael's with a coupon, and the sweat suit at Walmart, so it was really cheap! I found out when I went to Walmart, that almost all of the supplies could be purchased there, making it even easier! Gabriel picked out the sweat suit color and all the pieces of felt. His favorite color is green, so he chose lots of green!

  • Craft boa
  • 1 sheet craft fur
  • Permanent¬†fabric glue ($4 to $6)
  • 4-6 sheets of felt (23 cents a piece at Walmart)
  • Sweat suit – $3.88 for each piece (top and bottom)
  • Circular object to trace (I had 2 in different sizes)
  • Pencil to draw on the felt
  • Sharp craft scissors

Halloween Monster Costume DIY Supplies

Here's how we put it together:

  1. Cut out the craft fur into an oval shape for the furry belly, then have your little helper spread the glue and glue it on.
  2. Make sure you bring over your trucks and blocks so they can help and watch you work (important moral support).
  3. Start tracing all the circles – a pencil works just fine. I ended up using all of the 6 sheets of felt for two costumes, so for one, I think you'll need 3 sheets of felt.
  4. Cut them out and have your little helper arrange them by color, identify the colors, and count them for more learning fun (see, it's a preschool lesson and costume-making all in one! Two birds with one stone.)
  5. With some assistance, have your helper spread the glue on each dot and let him place it where he wants on the costume. The great thing about this costume is the dots can be totally random, so perfection is not necessary! This will take patience as you let go of perfection and allow your toddler to create. Believe me, I was constantly reminding myself to relax and let him just go!
  6. (not pictured) Gabriel lost interest after glueing on a million circles, so I finished it by glueing the boa fur on the sleeve and pants cuff, and down the center of the back. For Grayson's costume, I glued boa fur down the center of the arms, the sides of the legs, and down the center of the back. It added the finishing touch!

Halloween Monster Costume DIY Tutorial

The Final Result – The Front

Halloween Monster Costume Front

The Back

Halloween Monster Costume Back

The Red Costume

Halloween Monster Costume Red
Grayson's costume was supposed to look like a dragon originally, not sure what to call it now, but it was so cute that he won 2nd place in a costume contest!

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