Merry Messy Mondays (on Tuesday)

Merry Messy Mondays (I know, it's Tuesday, but yesterday was Memorial Day so today is honorary Monday) – welcome to my new weekly series that's all about taking some time to pause, slow down, put up my feet, snuggle with my kids, and think about the merry, messy and silly things that happened the week before. It's also a series to keep me accountable to start off the week with positive thoughts and a smile on my face, instead of dreading the fact that Kevin has to go back to work and there are interminably long days ahead!

Memorial Day was fantastic! We had a family day at the “beach” and the kids had a blast playing in the sand, getting dirty, swimming, splashing and running. It was non-stop movement fun for two hours.

Watching the boys play in the sprinkler was a hoot! Every picture I took of Gabe his mouth was wide open like this. He was covered in grass and dirt and kept saying “I'm soakin' wet!”and squealed every time he ran through it. I ran through, too, although I'm no where near as photogenic as this little ham.

Got to make muffins with Gabe early Sunday morning while daddy and Grayson were still sleeping. We enjoyed making a mess and looking at the thick fog as it lay heavily over the mountains out our front window.

Other merry moments:

  • BIG CUP OF COFFEE – nuff said
  • Glass of wine + So You Think You Can Dance + Kids Asleep + Crochet = HEAVEN
  • Watching the boys play together as they wrestle and giggle and enjoy each other
  • Kissing Grayson's chubby, squishy cheeks
  • Communicating with Grayson through sign language and how we can really start to understand each other
  • Gabe proudly bringing me rather gross worms from the yard to show off!
  • I get so tickled watching Grayson walk with a walker as he giggles, talks and looks so proud of himself 

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