How to Use a Yoga Wheel for Back & Neck Pain

I've really been enjoying my yoga wheel to ease neck and back pain and up my yoga game, and in this post and video, I'll show you how it's done! If you're a yogi, chances are you are already acquainted with this nifty wheel. The cool thing about it is that it can help you even if you're not a yogi!

How and why to use a yoga wheel

A Little Background

The Yoga Wheel was created by the Yogi Master, Sri Dharma Mittra, who has a yoga studio in New York City. It was originally called the Dharma Yoga Wheel. Have you seen his videos? He has some amazing classes on YouTube that I've done and they are really good – I feel amazing afterwards!

What are the benefits?

  • Relieves neck, back and shoulder pain
  • Stretches the hip flexors and abdomen
  • Stretches out those very tight muscles of the shoulders and upper back in a safe, supportive way
  • It helps to stretch and massage hard to reach areas of the back
  • Helps to prevent injury by keeping your body in proper alignment
  • Can improve yoga postures like backbends, splits, plow, headstands and more!
  • Feels like a back massage!
  • Use it to intensify core exercises like planks
  • Use it to help you balance for yoga headstands
  • Great for yogis and dancers alike!

What is a Yoga Wheel for?

It was created to help yoga students move more easily and safely through inversions like backbends and also through stretches, like splits. It supports the back and neck as you roll on it, which helps to prevent injury. It also helps make more difficult postures become easier to try!

Not into yoga? That's okay, it's for you, too!

For those who aren't yogis, you can use it to stretch your upper body and back by leaning back over it. We spend a LOT of time these days bent over our phones, devices and computers and this helps to stretch your back and neck the other way. It creates space in between the vertebrae which is really important for a healthy spine.

How a yoga wheel can help with back pain and how to use it!

Like going to the chiropractor!

I feel like I've gone to the chiropractor just after 3-5 minutes of using it! My vertebrae pop back into place (not in a scary way, in a totally feel good, amazing way!) and it relieves neck and shoulder tension for me. I even hear my spine cracking, which is actually a good sign because it means my spine is flexible and pliable and is getting movement. I'm used to chiropractors not being able to get any movement out of my spine because I'm normally so stiff and tight!

I roll on it daily now because it just feels so good and is relaxing my tight upper body so well. Although I love going to the chiropractor and to get a massage, this is way easier for maintenance so I can go less often. So hard to fit those things into my schedule – I know you parents can relate!

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