Crochet Baby & Girl Mesh Headband {Free Pattern}

This crochet headband is super cute easy and works up very quickly. The half double crochet mesh pattern measures about 1 inch wide, and you can make it to whatever head size you want by adjusting the beginning chain size. Merry Crocheting!
Free Pattern for a Crochet Mesh Headband for any Size Head

Crochet Mesh Pattern Headband


  • Half Double Crochet (HDC)
  • Chain (CH)

Approximate Measurements for Headbands

  • Newborn 13″
  • 3-6 months 14″
  • 6-12 months 16″
  • 12 months-tween 17.5″
  • Adult 18″

The Pattern

  • Chain to the length desired for the headband (pattern is 3 chains, so make your pattern divisible by 3, then add two extra chains on the end.
  • In the 3rd CH from the hook, *work a HDC.
  • CH 1 and skip a chain.
  • Work a HDC into the next CH.*
  • Repeat from * the entire length of the headband.

Then, CH 2 and repeat from * on the top. You can continue repeating and adding rows if you want the headband to be wider.

Crochet the flower of your choice and sew or clip it onto the headband.

The Flower

The layered flower pattern comes from: Mom of Five Daughters. I’ve used this pattern over and over and it looks fantastic every time! It’s an intermediate flower. For a beginner one, just follow the first directions for the first flower layer.

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  1. did you work in a round or did you seam it together once you were done with the width you wanted?

  2. I did not work in the round and seamed it together, like you said. Working it in the round would be even faster!

  3. Hi, I’m trying your pattern right now, and I like how easy it seems. Unfortunately I didn’t measure it correctly and had to frog it after my third row. but I’m trying again. I also realized that this was not worked in rounds so I’m trying it that way now. Also, I am a beginner so I’m not sure if this is right, but the first time I worked it ( before I pulled it out) I was working the “HDC-chain1-skip a stich” in the top two strands. This time, I’m putting the HDC in the gaps left by the previous row of HDC. Kinda like granny square style. It’s going much faster this way and is very open weave. I want to thank you for this pattern. I’ve already got lots of new ideas because of it. Happy November!

  4. Easy to follow instructions. THANKS!

  5. When you are measuring your original chains to get the length you want, do you stretch the chain and measure that way? Or do you measure the chains relaxed and as they are? Hope that question makes sense! Cute patterns… I am enjoying your site!

  6. georgette liburd says:

    is this the right pattern for the mesh handband

  7. Bernadette Xavier says:

    Thanks for your pattern, I just did one for myself I measured it on my head but it came out a bit longer so I sawed two of the circle on top each other so I will put that in the front to make it look different. Keep on doing the good work.

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