Crochet Baby Cocoon Free Pattern – Raspberry Stitch

Here’s a free crochet pattern for a textured baby cocoon using the raspberry stitch. The colors used here are perfect for a baby boy, but they can be changed for a girl, too. I love the scalloped pattern that the raspberry stitch makes!

Crochet Raspberry Stitch Baby Cocoon

I’m so pleased with how my newest baby cocoon pattern turned out – the colors are gorgeous and it’s so incredibly soft with a 50% wool and 50% acrylic blend. And the raspberry stitch is so easy to work and makes a beautiful pattern when you change colors often. This will look so good in pictures once our baby arrives! I learned the raspberry stitch from this video – it’s a single crochet, double crochet, single crochet worked into one space.



  • SC = single crochet
  • HDC = half double crochet
  • DC = double crochet
  • CH = chain
  • SL ST = slip stitch
  • RBS = raspberry stitch
  • SP = space

Crochet Raspberry Stitch Baby Cocoon Base


Base of Cocoon – all worked in Buttermilk (cream) yarn

Row 1

  • CH 3
  • Join with a SL ST to make a ring
  • CH 2 (counts as first HDC)
  • Work 11 HDC in ring (12 HDC total)
  • Join to top of CH 2 with a SL ST

Row 2

  • CH 2
  • Work 2 HDC in each SP (24 total)
  • Join to beginning CH 2 with a SL ST

Row 3

  • CH 2
  • Work 1 HDC in each SP (24 total)
  • Join to beginning CH 2 with a SL ST

Row 4

  • CH 2
  • 1 HDC in the same SP (2 total)
  • 1 HDC in the next SP
  • *2 HDC in the next SP
  • 1 HDC in the next SP
  • Repeat from * all the way around (36 total)
  • Join to beginning CH 2 with a SL ST

Row 5

  • CH 2
  • 1 HDC in each SP (36 total)
  • Join to beginning Ch 2 with a SL ST

Row 6

  • CH 2
  • 1 HDC in the same SP (2 total)
  • 1 HDC in each of the next 2 SP’s
  • *2 HDC in the next SP
  • 1 HDC in each of the next 2 SP’s
  • Repeat from * all the way around (48 total)
  • Join to beginning CH 2 with a SL ST

Row 7

  • I changed to Holly Berry here (red) and attached with a SL ST
  • CH 2
  • 1 HDC in the same SP (2 total)
  • 1 HDC in each of the next 3 SP’s
  • *2 HDC in the next SP
  • 1 HDC in each of the next 3 SP’s
  • Repeat from * all the way around  (60 total)
  • Join to beginning CH 2 with a SL ST

Row 8

  • CH 2
  • 1 HDC in the next SP
  • 1 HDC in each SP around (60 total)
  • Join to beginning CH 2 with a SL ST

Raspberry Stitch Pattern for a Baby Cocoon

Row 9 – Start the Raspberry Stitch

  • CH 2
  • 1 DC & 1 SC in the same SP
  • Skip 2 SP’s
  • Work an RBS
  • *Skip 2 SP’s
  • Work an RBS
  • Repeat from * all the way around (20 RBS’s total)
  • Join to beginning CH 2 with a SL ST

Row 10

  • I switched to Winter Sky (light blue) here, attach with a SL ST in between 2 of the RBS’s
  • CH 2 or work a SC
  • 1 DC & 1 SC in the same SP
  • Work a RBS in the next SP & in each SP all the way around (in between the RBS’s) (20 RBS’s total)
  • Join to beginning CH 2 or SC with a SL ST

Repeat row 10 for the length of the entire cocoon – I worked 70 more rows.

Finished size is 8 inches wide by 22 inches long, including the base.

Make this cocoon along with this mitered granny square blanket, the beanie and a puff stitch beanie for a complete newborn layette setCrochet Newborn Baby Boy Layette Set with Hat, Blanket and Cocoon

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  1. This is too cute! I love that stitch pattern. I’ve never seen it before but it looks really easy and it has such great texture. I may have to try it out on a hat 🙂
    Christine recently posted..Crochet Flower WreathMy Profile

  2. I love this! The colours you chose are so vibrant and bright! I also love the stitch you used. It gives the cocoon such a great texture. You must be getting really excited about your new baby’s arrival :o)
    Rhondda Mol recently posted..Convertible Slouch Hat – Free Pattern © Oombawka DesignMy Profile

  3. Thank you for the pattern!!! It looks awesome.

  4. Wonderful pattern! Such a lovely texture, use of color and sweet gift idea! Love everything about it! Thanks for sharing!
    Susan @ Felted Button recently posted..::Just Being There::My Profile

  5. Krystal Czarnik says:

    I was wondering if you have a pattern for a newborn cap in this stitch to match the cocoon..

  6. Marianne says:

    Thanks so much for this adorable pattern! I can’t wait to try it. I’ve got several projects to do first though but I wish I didn’t! Congratulations on having a new baby and thanks for this pattern.

  7. I love the colors for this and just the endless color pallete anyone could use would be amazing! I Guess I need to practice , practice , practice on the Raspberry stitch because I’d love to make this! Thank you so much for sharing this Amazing Pattern!!!!

  8. Hi, love the pattern! Mine is not coming out textured though! Am I doing something wrong? When I watch the video it says you need to turn the item inside out, do we need to do this?

  9. It has taken me 18+ inches in length for me to figure out that I have done something really wrong because my cocoon has just been getting wider and wider. I guess I didn’t know it wasn’t supposed to until now that I am almost at the length it is supposed to be and I realized the width has also almost doubled that I figured I have done something wrong. Do you know what i did wrong to cause this increase?

  10. I am so honored that you used one of the stitches I discovered to make this beautiful baby cocoon! And thanks so much for the mention, only the link you added to “This Video” Isn’t working. Anyway you can link it to pretty please!

  11. I can see converting this into baby’s first Christmas stocking. Kid’s in our family get too much stuff in their socks on December 25.
    This might hold what our children and grandchildren got their first Christmas.

  12. Any suggestions on using a bulkier yarn for this pattern?

    • Hi Polly! Yes, I would use the hook size recommended for the bulky yarn that you choose, and do one less increasing round.

      • This looks fantastic! I’m working on mine now, and, so far, no issues. However, I do have a question as to how you got all of your “raspberries” so uniform and close together? Did you go back and push them all back out after finishing?
        Again, thank you for making this pattern free! You’re so generous!

        • Hi Chazity! No, sorry, I didn’t go back and push them together. I’m not sure – I guess I got lucky with uniform tension and gauge. I’ve been crocheting for about a year and half, which isn’t super long, but with every project my stitching looks better. And, you’re so welcome!! 🙂

  13. Any chance of heloung me with math to make this into adult suze? Lol. Hubby thinks would make an awesome sleepibg bag style for his hunting trips up north. Or do you have a pattern of some sort that would work for what im trying to do? Thx for all ur gorgeous pattetns.

    • I wasn’t expecting that for this pattern, haha! LOL But you’re serious, aren’t you? I wasn’t sure :). Sure, to make it adult size you just keep working increases in the beginning until it fits around the largest part of your husband’s body, then work the sides from there. It’ll probably take you a while! And then, if you do finish it, I really want a picture of your husband in it!! 🙂

  14. Hi! I love this stitch! Is it possible to make it into a blanket instead of a cocoon? Thank you in advanced!

  15. So cute ! Thanks so much for this pattern !
    priscilla recently posted..Patriotic Baby CrochetMy Profile

  16. Your work is incredible! I love everything you do. I have made 3 different patterns so far. Thank you so much for your creativity!

  17. I just finished making this for my friend who is expecting. Very easy, but I am going to have to turn mine. The stitches are on the inside.

    I do have one question. I don’t have children and know very little about babies, but this only being 8″ wide seems small for a baby to fit in. It stretches, yes, but it still seems too small to stuff a baby in it?

    • Great question! This is the pattern for the one I actually used for my baby – he was average size when he was born and he could fit in it for about 2 months or so, which is the time when it’s really needed. He didn’t like to be swaddled as much after that.

  18. Karen w. says:

    I’m making this also and I had to turn my inside out. the raspberries ended up on the inside I’m not sure why but it still looks amazing …but I did not have trouble making the raspberry stitch mine look just like the picture all close together but I always have good tension!! I was wondering if you had to fold down the top when yo used it for your child it looks so much longer than other cocoons I’ve made

    • Hi Karen! I had to fold it down a little when he was a tiny newborn, then as he grew it ended up being the perfect length. And I do not have tall babies, so, that length should work well for average and tall babies, too!

  19. This looks so cozy! I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Sara, love your blog. Just wondering if you know/remember the weight your baby was for this, and what you think it would fit? I’m going to make it all in white and pair it with a little snowman hat, think the raspberry stitch would work great for that. Love your colors too!

  21. I note in the video the Raspberry stitch is 1 sc, 1 dc, 1sc in the same stitch before you skip 2 and continue the same pattern in the 3rd stitch. However, in your directions it is 1 dc and 1sc in the same stitch. Which is correct?

  22. Hello! A friend recently approached me asking if I would commission this cocoon for her friend, who asked her where she got such a darling item for her baby. I wanted to make sure that was fine with you, since it isn’t my design. I’d hate to plagiarize your work! Would a card stating where I got the original design be good, or would you want part of the commission? Thank you!

  23. Hi there, can you please tell me approx. how much of each yarn you used? Was it one ball of each or more?
    Thank you!

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