Blueberry Wheat Oat Muffins Recipe – Post at Inner Child Food

Today I’m writing over at Inner Child Food sharing a delicious recipe that the boys and I made – Blueberry Wheat and Oat Muffins. These are hearty, healthy, filling and delicious without all the processed sugar! I like to make them to have on-hand for hectic mornings when we need a quick and filling breakfast. I […]

Crispy Rice and Oats Treats – Healthier and Delicious!

Today I’m writing over at Inner Child Food to share a new favorite treat in our household. It’s a twist on the good ole’ Rice Krispie Treats, but instead of marshmallows, it has natural peanut butter, raw honey and oats – all of which add some protein, fiber and nutrition that’s completely missing with processed marshmallows. […]

Yummy Oatmeal from Good Food Made Simple

There’s been a lot of oatmeal munchin’ in my house lately, ever since we acquired some delicious steel-cut oatmeal and egg white patties from Good Food Made Simple. I am very picky about what we feed our children and have been pleasantly surprised by not only how healthy, simple and natural this oatmeal is, but how tasty […]