Christmas Craft with Kids – Felt Star Tree Topper

A quick and easy tree topper your child can make for their own Christmas tree using felt, pom-poms and puffy paint!

Kids Felt Christmas Tree Star Topper

We have literally gone hog wild this holiday season in our house with felt, pom-poms and puffy paint. Once I started one project with Gabe, the creativity and ideas just kept on coming and I couldn't stop! I think Gabe is now officially ready to move on to a different type of craft. But, boy, did he have tons of fun experimenting with this medium! Great thing about it is it's so colorful that you can let your kid go to town and no matter what, it will make a beautiful craft. Next year, once Grayson is holder, he'll have to make some of his own felt crafts for Christmas. Until then, he thinks it's lots of fun to take Gabe's ornaments off the tree (with a grunt, of course) and put them back on. See the other felt crafts we've made together here – Kids Christmas Felt Ornaments and Kids Christmas Felt Wreath.

Christmas Tree Felt Star Topper Craft with Kids
The tree is almost complete – just needs a skirt! I did crochet one but totally botched it up and have to start over. At least it's covered in Gabe's beautiful ornaments!


  • 2 Sheets of yellow felt from the craft store (only 23 cents at Wal-Mart for the brand “Eco-Fi” – and they're made from recycled plastic bottles!)
  • Assorted tubes of Puffy Paint (where to buy) (these were under $1 each and I bought 5)
  • Sharp fabric scissors (where to buy)
  • Fabric chalk pencils (where to buy) – one light and one dark, or a couple of pieces of chalk
  • Bag of pom-poms (where to buy)
  • Hot glue gun (where to buy) or permanent fabric glue (where to buy) (to glue the two pieces together)
  • Polyester fiber fill (where to buy) or stuff it with old plastic bags, chop up an old t-shirt and socks – use your imagination! (to stuff the star)

Kids Christmas Felt Star Craft
I loved watching Gabe concentrate as he worked seriously on his craft.


  • Trace a star onto one sheet of yellow felt with your chalk pencil, or pin the two sheets together and then cut out. I freehanded-it by folding the sheet in half and drawing half of the star onto the felt. Then I cut it out so it would be perfectly symmetrical.
  • Have your child decorate both stars with pom-poms and puffy paint. Gabe discovered that the paint acts as a glue and adheres the pom-poms to the felt, so no fabric glue is necessary.
  • Wait about 24 hours for it to dry.
  • Hot glue the two pieces together but only along the edges, leaving about one inch on either side of the bottom of the star as a pocket to slip over the top of the tree.
  • Stuff the star with your choice of stuffing then slide over the top branch of the tree!

It's been amazing to watch Gabe's progress in creativity and concentration grow as we've been crafting together and doing some homeschooling. His dexterity and hand strength has gotten much stronger as he's learned how to squeeze out glue for these crafts – all good muscles to develop to learn to write! It has also created an even stronger bond between us and made precious memories I will always treasure.

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