Crochet for Cancer Charity Hat Drive – Winners Announcement!

About a month ago, I held a crochet charity hat drive for Hooks of Hope, a chapter of Crochet for Cancer, with nine other amazing bloggers. They are a group of dedicated, generous women who crochet hats for those suffering from cancer and chemotherapy. (Read more about the drive here).

Crochet for Cancer - Crochet-A-Long and $125 Prize from Red Heart Yarns!

All of us encouraged our readers to make four projects in two weeks and mail them to the chapter. We waited three weeks after the two week crochet-a-long finished so even our international readers could participate, then just last week, the ladies from Hooks of Hope put all the names of the all the donators in a hat and pulled out 5 names. The grand prize is a $125 prize package from Red Heart Yarn! The rest will win a prize from the charity.


First Place – Donna Carragher from Howell, NJ – Grand Prize from Red Heart Yarn – $125 of Yarn Goodies!!
Second – Ms. Kehm from Somerdale, NJ
Third – Lisa Babcock from Red Lion, PA
Forth- Shirley Anderson from Hephzibah, GA
Fifth – Alison Schietz from Milford, OH

Winners #2-#5 will receive plarn bags that were crocheted by the ladies of Hooks of Hope – are these sweet women or what?! And the bags will be filled with yarn.

Thank You – Amazing Participation and Generosity Shown

Now, I want to show off all your hard work and generosity! I am SO impressed by how all of you came out to support this drive. You are spreading so much hope to many who are suffering. THANK YOU from all of us! They received not only hats but ponchos, a baby sweater, boot toppers, scarves, lap throws and lovey blankets. There are dinosaur hats, hats with faces, braids, characters, all kinds of different designs and colors. Some of you donated WAY more than 4 – one lady gave 21 hats! Wow! The ladies from the charity were overwhelmed by your participation and are sending each and every one of you a thank you card. They said it was like Christmas morning opening all the packages!

Over 400 items were sent in! Here's the breakdown:

  • Hats: 416                           
  • Scarves 20
  • Lap throws: 11                            
  • Ponchos: 2
  • Loveys: 7
  • Boot Toppers: 1 pair
  • Shawls: 4
  • Baby Sweater: 1

Crochet for Cancer - Hat Donations - First Collage

So many cute designs! Look at the flowers, the googly eyes, and the stripes. Ya'll didn't hold anything back!

Crochet for Cancer - Hat Donations - Second Collage

Do you see your hat package in the mix?

Crochet for Cancer - Hat Donations - Second Collage

And it just keeps going…and going…and going…

Crochet for Cancer - Hat Donations - Fourth Collage

Man, I am definitely hitting you up again to donate more! You guys know how to make me proud :).

Crochet for Cancer - Hat Donations - Fifth Collage

A big big thank to my fellow fantastic bloggers who all agreed to go on this ride with me!

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