Crochet and Ribbon Valentine’s Wreath Craft

A simple and quick Valentine's wreath with free crochet patterns for a butterfly, flowers and a rosette. Add some lace and sparkly ribbon, and you've got quite a unique and pretty wreath!

Crochet and Ribbon Valentine's Wreath Craft

There's this sweet little Valentine's wreath that's come to visit in my office. It's very delicate and feminine and reminds me of old-fashioned doily Valentine's from the books I read as a child. I enjoyed making it as it was easy and quick, with beautiful results!


  • Grapevine heart-shaped wreath (where to buy) – I bought mine at Michael's
  • 2 spools of ribbon – I chose a delicate lace one with tiny pearl beads and a sparkly purple one to match the yarn (where to buy)
  • Less than an ounce of this gorgeous yarn from Red Heart Yarn – Boutique Unforgettable Yarn in Parrott (where to buy) to make the butterflies, flowers and rosettes
  • Hot glue gun

Whip it Up!

  • Crochet your butterflies, flowers and rosettes. I used this pattern from Little Birdie Secrets for the butterflies, and my own patterns for the flowers and rosettes.
  • Hot glue the tip one of the ribbons on the back of the wreath, then wrap it all the way around, ending at the other end, and hot glue it there, too. Do the same with the other ribbon.
  • Hot glue all the crocheted pieces on, and you're finished! It's really that easy.

Crochet Valentine's and Ribbon Wreath - Close Up of the Butterflies and Flower

I'm just crazy about this yarn from Red Heart Yarn! It is gorgeous – so cheery, vibrant and colorful. Boutique Unforgettable Yarn in Parrott (where to buy).

Crochet Valentine's and Ribbon Wreath - Close Up of the Rosettes

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