Crochet, Knit and Sew Your Way to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

I am honored and so very excited to introduce a unique opportunity where bloggers, fans and shop owners can join together and use our talents for a good cause!  I am partnering with Lauren from Tutus and Tea Parties as well. Here's a little background – I hosted a huge giveaway event with Red Heart Yarns that just ended on November 4. The winner chosen, Susan, happens to be volunteering in New Jersey for the Hurricane Sandy relief and is going to use the yarn in her stitching groups to crochet and knit hats, scarves and blankets to donate to local organizations! She is one heck of a lady, and gets all the credit for setting the ball in motion, but I realized I had a unique opportunity as a blogger to make a difference myself by rallying all the talented bloggers and fans I know to help as well.

I plan to make as many winter hats and scarves as I can. I will use the hat pattern from my monster hat and add rounds to make adult hats. For the scarf pattern, I will use the pattern from my stair pattern scarf.

Crochet, Knit and Sew Your Way to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

So, I have organized a blog, shop, and fan hop where we all can link up our blogs, shops or projects as a commitment to say we're going to make items needed the most in the New Jersey and New York City areas and mail them to the address below. What are needed most right now are warm weather items such as – hats, scarves, gloves, socks and blankets. Both the homeless and those who've lost their belongings in their homes due to flooding need these items as it has already gotten cold and many only have the clothes on their backs.

Please Mail All Items To:

*If you already have an organization or person that you prefer to send items to, we are still more than happy to have you join in our support “party” and link up below. You do not have to send to this address in order to participate!

The Barrow Mansion
83 Wayne Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

The Barrow Mansion is a community center where they are collecting items. The giveaway winner, Susan, will be able to use and distribute our donations to the charities and organizations with which she is working.

Bloggers Facebook group

PLEASE add your link to the Inlinkz party below first, then I'll accept you into the group. I'm keeping it private since we have to use our personal Facebook accounts to join the group.


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