Crochet Mini Star Applique – Free Pattern

Stars are so versatile, and this mini one could be used to decorate hats, scarves, bags, and even make a baby mobile! If you have some crochet experience, these can be worked up in 5 minutes or less. Yippee for easy, fast projects! This pattern comes with a full photo tutorial as well!

Crochet Mini Star - Free Pattern


  • Worsted weight yarn, I used acrylic, but any will do
  • Hook: H/8, 5 mm


  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch

The Pattern

Finished size is just under 2 inches wide by 2 inches tall, depending on the yarn used.

  • CH 3
  • SL ST to form a ring

Round 1

  • CH 2
  • 9 SC in ring, 10 total

Round 2

  • CH 2
  • In sp next to CH 2, work 1 sc, ch 3, 2 sc
  • *Skip the next sp
  • Work a star point in the next sp – 2 sc, ch 3, 2 sc
  • Repeat from * to make 5 points.
  • Sl st to the 2nd ch of the beginning ch 2.

Voila! C'est fini! And here's the tutorial. To get a nice printed version, click on the button at the bottom of the post.

Step 1: Chain 3, slip stitch to form a ring, then chain 2 (counts as first single crochet).

Crochet Mini Star Applique - Step 1

Step 2: Work 9 single crochets into the ring for 10 single crochets total, counting that first chain 2. Then, chain 2 to start the first star point.Crochet Mini Star Applique - Step 1

Step 3: In the space just next to the chain 2, work a single crochet. Then, chain 3, which serves as the point tip.

Crochet Mini Star Applique - Step 3

Step 4: Finish the first star point by crocheting another 2 single crochets. Then, skip the space after that and start another point – 2 single crochets, chain 3, 2 single crochets.Crochet Mini Star Applique - Step 4

Step 5: Continue around the circle until you've completed 5 points. Then, slip stitch to the top of the beginning chain 2 to finish. You're done!Crochet Mini Star Applique - Step 5

You can make these mini stars bigger by changing your hook size or changing up the stitch to a half double or double crochet, or a combo of both!

Merry crocheting! And leave a comment if you find an error.


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