Mother’s Day Crochet Gift

If you're an online crochet pattern hunter like me, then you've probably come across the very talented English lady, Lucy, of the blog, Attic24. She has a lot of free patterns like me and makes gorgeous stuff! Well, I decided to use her Birdie Decoration pattern to make gifts for my mom and mother-in-law for mother's day! They turned out so adorable, I just love them. I think this might end up being my new, go-to crochet gift to make. I see these as little friends to hang in your window, or as Christmas ornaments, door knob decorations, or even rear-view mirror happiness!

My mom is crazy about blue, so I made her's all in blue! I deviated from the pattern a bit, by sewing the beak further down from the top of the head so it looked more realistic. I was too lazy to look up the wing pattern (as I was crocheting in front of the TV on my couch!) and just made my own. And, I didn't have any beads lying around, so I didn't crochet the legs. It doesn't take long to complete – not surprisingly, I was interrupted more than gazillion times. So, it probably took me an hour and a half to do one without interruptions.

Here's the one for my mother-in-law – she likes more earth-tone colors. Here you can see how the beak looks when you follow the pattern.

Then, I had Gabe draw cards for each of his two grandmamas, and I wrote a poem called Mother Bird by Mittur Ramprasad on the inside. The poem is perfectly suited for both Mother's Day and the bird gift, because it's all about the journey of a mother in raising her babies, imparting her wisdom and releasing them to fly.

Happy Mother's Day ladies! I hope your family shows you how much they appreciate you.

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